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21/04/2011 by

Reach Isn’t Awareness

Will reach really make people aware of your brand promise or the products/ services you are providing?

YouTube Preview Image

Awareness is the first in the marketing funnel; but does screaming that you are here really make people aware of what you are offering or is it simply just a way of having them notice you are there?

The above video might not be the most viral video ever, it might not have had the biggest reach obtainable, but it might of had you captured to figure out how many passes the white team made. Tell me; how many passes were made?
When you have concentrated on it: your prompt awareness will have grown for the message involved or the product that was offered.

Heineken has a good example of building prompt awareness by 11% (based on MetrixLab) and getting a big reach: read article.
What does this prompt awareness do for you? In short; lets say you have a row of products you have to choose from and you act on impulse: 99% of the times you will pick the one that is in your system. This goes the same for naming brands that are known to you. So who will your consumer choose for?

When we are striving to obtain awareness for our brand and product, try to get in the evoked set. Find your VSpot and figure out where you or your consumers have to most influence on your fans to be. Reach only will not get you there..

Lets have a look at an example of a Social Sales Funnel:

And let’s have a look at an effective Pull Marketing Funnel which locates the needs of the client:

Both these examples show that we need to create awareness first before we take all the required steps needed to make sure people buy and endorse our products. There is no such thing as a quick win.

How do you facilitate your customer to take all steps? Transform your marketing organisation into one that is: content driven, focussed on engagement and feeds consumer dialogue. Not only will your awareness grow: your promise and message will take flight carried by your fans.

What we hear we forget, what we see we remember, but what we do we understand…

Stop pushing!

sources: yagua-piru & SocialMedia8


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