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24/02/2011 by

5 Creative Uses Of The Facebook Like

The 31st FantasPorto Oporto International Horror Film Festival, held in Oporto between 25 February and 5 March, is being sponsored by Jornal de Notícias. This local newspaper placed a remarkable ad with a macabre sense of appreciation…

A great way to use the popular Facebook Like to promote a horror festival! It inspired us to post about more creative uses of Facebook likes…

Facebook Like Stamp

The Facebook Like button has now taken over the world wide web. Everybody uses it and it’s on pratically every website. The guys over at Nation (a design Studio from UK), loved it too and designed a stamp after it. You can now like all your office papers, as you like the whole web.

Dislike Mubarak

President Hosni Mubarak has not gained the favoritism of many with the recent political up-roar in Egypt. The Facebook-like DisLike button image that has surfaced on the web was used by many anti-Mubarak people in order to spread their call that Mubarak would resign.

Facebook Like button, for real

In Israel Coca-Cola figured out a way for people to “Like” real world objects, places and events. They implemented these cool facebook-bracelets at the Coca Cola Village, a watersport, sunbathing, gameplaying amusement park activity-thing for teenagers.

When the guests arrive, they are given a ‏ bracelet ID which transmits an RFID signal, which they program with their facebook login. They can “like” activities and places in the real village, and their actions show up on Facebook. See this video for more information.

To Like or not to Like…

Heineken asked the audience to ‘Like’ 2011 and to simultaneously wish the social network a happy 2011. At the same time the Dutch ‘Consumer & Safety’, a government organization specially for the safety of Dutch citizens, released a ‘disabled like’ in order to warn the Dutch audience for the danger of fireworks.

What About You?
So this our top 5. What other creative use of the Facebook like can you share with our readers?

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Comments (5)

  • megsterr (Megan Mitzel) 24/02/2011, 14:56

    creative uses of facebook like:

  • Jantine 24/02/2011, 15:44

    More creative examples of the usage of the Facebook Like: Corona Light; “Help make us the most liked light beer in America and we’ll put you in Times Square.”

  • Julia
    25/02/2011, 10:44

    Here’s another one which you can use when you’re having doubst whether you should like it or not!

  • Rekoa Meton
    08/03/2011, 14:09

    Fantas Porto festival is held in Oporto (exactly as it says on the tin), not in Lisbon. My honest advice to you is to correct it quick, burn this comment and pretend this never happened, or the soldiers of the cultural rivalry between Lisbon and Oporto will chop your head off.

    And it’s a kickass logo, isn’t it?

  • Alexia Byram 03/04/2012, 03:57

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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