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27/06/2012 by

50 Examples: Brands Thanking Facebook Fans

Facebook, the social network juggernaut that amassed almost 1 billion active members, introduced Facebook (fan) pages in November 2007 as a way for businesses, organizations and bands/artists of many types to easily establish a brand presence on Facebook and build an audience of fans.

50 Examples: Saying "Thank You" To Your Facebook Fans

With the introduction of Facebook likes (to replace “fans”) in February of 2009, the Californian company added a new feature to allow members to apply “like” labels to pages, messages, photos, and other content.

The Facebook like has become an important social currency on the web and for brands. Every year Facebook gets 1.17 trillion likes, or 3,5 likes per user and according to a recent amendment to Facebook’s filing for IPO there are 42 million Facebook pages with over ten likes.

Sure, not every like is created equally. Some are incidental and some are given for things the user really does care about, but still the like or follower count is one of the most common social media metric by marketers and other people on the web to use, to define success.

While a Facebook page is created within 5 minutes, creating a community, getting noticed and gathering likes requires a lot of time, effort, compelling content and money for awareness through advertising  and maintenance by community managers. When a “like” milestone is reached, whether it’s 100, 300, 4632, 40000, 1 million or 10 million likes a simple “Thank you” message can be enough to show your authentic appreciation, share your gratitude and be thankful for the engagement and support your fans have shown so far.

As more brands, music artists, tv shows, sports teams, celebrities have embraced Facebook as their community platform, we have gathered 50 examples in various forms (and random order) how amongst others Burberry, The Rolling Stones, Shell, AC Milan and Kim Kardashian say thank you to their Facebook fans. Hope this collection gives you some inspiration when creating your Thank You video and give you an impression what you are up against. Although you might ask yourself when we will swing out of reality and celebrate social media milestones as if they were sales figures or financial results as Katy Cosh from Grayling mentions in one of her blogposts.

Do you wanna jump to a specific example, click the name of one of the following examples and easily return to this list from every example: Burberry, AT&T, Disney, Coca Cola, Panasonic Australia, Kraft, Fabreze, Hardwell, Shell, Top GearPorsche, Rovio, Lady Gaga, Cadbury, Ferrari, Audi & Ducati, Mercedes AMG, Heineken, Corona, Samsung, Kim Kardashian, Easyjet, KLM, Nautica, The Rolling Stones, Vodafone, Nike Golf, Adidas, Honda, The Big Bang Theory, Marvel, Konami, Tommy Hilfiger, Buffalo Wild Wings, AC Milan, Arsenal & Chelsea, Jackie Chan, Pampers, Jordan, Swarovski, Jeep, Lexus, Aston Martin, The Office, Vitaminwater, All Blacks, Lady Antebellum, Blizzard Entertainment, Assasin’s Creed, Michael Kors and Miniclip.

Do you have another great example, tell us in the comments below. Thank you :-)

01. Burberry

YouTube Preview Image

The British fashion label Burberry is bolstering its online presence by devoting over 60 per cent of its annual marketing budget to digital media. By doing so, New York University think-tank LuxuryLab, named Burberry the world’s most ‘digitally competent luxury brand’ in October 2011. Burberry is currently liked 12,9 million times and is ranked 2nd amongst major fashion brands on Facebook. At the end of 2011, the fashion retailer hit 10 millions fans. Burberry celebrated this unique milestone with a video message from chief creative officer Christopher Bailey to Burberry’s fans. Other fashions labels that also created a thank you video include Mango and Jimmy Choo. Back to list. (Sources: FT and Telegraph)

02. AT&T

YouTube Preview Image

To celebrate reaching 2 million likes on Facebook, telecommunications company AT&T started singing to their Facebook fans. The brand’s “House Band” created a series of realtime, personalized songs in response to fan submissions, and posted them to Facebook and YouTube throughout May 21 and 22. The brand’s Facebook fans were encouraged to use a Facebook app, which allowed each fan to tell the brand why he/she “is awesome”.  Joe Sabia, whom we interviewed at ViralBlog for his Pulp Wave Fiction video back in 2009, directed the AT&T Project and Joe was so kind to drop us an e-mail that he also created a personal “thank you” video for a particular ViralBlog blogger. Watch AT&T Thanks Paul V. Many thanks Joe! Back to list. (Source: The Realtime Report)

03. Disney

YouTube Preview Image

In December 2010 Disney hit the huge amount of 100 million likes across its more than 200 official brands, properties and character pages. The company has been around for over 110 years and is loved by people all over the world. By posting relevant, entertaining content regularly on Facebook since 2009 and encouraging their fans to share their favourite memories from Disney resorts, their community has grown worldwide. To celebrate their 100 million page likes, Disney put together a video featuring some interesting facts of their Facebook success. Also watch the special videos for Disney Baby and the Lion King in celebration of reaching 1 million fans. Back to list. (Source: Mindjumpers)

04. Coca Cola

YouTube Preview Image

Coca-Cola is the largest brand on Facebook with 43 million fans worldwide. The community, which was created organically by two fans in 2008, is truly for the fans and by the fans. Since Coca-Cola joined the creators to co-manage the page, the community has flourished and currently serves as a paradigm of how brands can use social to connect with people on a global level. To thank their Facebook 5.7 million Facebook fans, the original Facebook page creators Dusty and Michael taped a humorous video in June 2010 to track down the very first fans of Coca Cola’s fan page. Back to list. (Sources: Shorty Awards and Brandchannel)

05. Panasonic Australia

In January of 2012 the Facebook page of Panasonic Australia reached 40000 likes. To celebrate this milestone the regional Panasonic blog posted an infographic that gave a little insight into their Australian Facebook community and asked people who were not yet fan to join the conversation about Panasonic products, reviews and news. Back to list. (Source: Panasonic)

06. Kraft

YouTube Preview Image

In April, Kraft’s macaroni brand started to take a more personal approach by thanking their Facebook fans individually. On Facebook Kraft told their fans: “We LOVE it when you “LIKE” our posts. So we’re showing you some love back with a song personalized for you, our fans.”  They motivated their fans to like a specific post by announcing that they will like them back by name-checking them in a song later that week. They ended up with thanking 4,632 fans in a seven minute video called Likeapella. Also watch the special video starring Kraft’s Mac & Cheese workers from Champaign (Illinois) after hitting 1 million Facebook likes. Back to list. (Source: Socialbakers)

07. Febreze

YouTube Preview Image

Odor eliminator brand Febreze decided to celebrate its 1 million Facebook fans milestone by livestreaming a million thank yous from their team members. In a live streaming event, marketing managers, sales execs, customer service reps and many others behind the Febreze brand are taking shifts over two-and-a-half days from Procter & Gamble’s Cincinnati headquarters to say those magic words. Teams of four to six people will have to say 320 thanks per minute or five per second in unison to get it done in time. In the above video you can see a scene from the Thank-a-Thon. Back to list. (Sources: Creativity Online and Socialbakers)

08. Hardwell

Hardwell, born as Robbert van de Corput, is a Dutch progressive and electro house DJ and music producer. In 2010 he formed his own label “Revealed Recordings”. In DJ Mag‘s Top 100 DJ list for 2011 he got ranked number 24, beating legendary DJ’s Carl Cox, Daft Punk and John Digweed. On April 25th Hardwell reached 200,000 Facebook likes and Hardwell decided to thank all his Facebook fans by giving away a special Facebook gift: his edit of  “Internet Friends”, which has received 50,000 plays to date. Also fellow DJ’s AVICII and R3hab celebrated their milestone with a special song/remix. Back to list. (Sources: Wikipedia and Dancing Astronaut)

09. Shell

YouTube Preview Image

Anglo-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell joined Facebook in May 2011, ready to engage an open up. Unfortunately just after the launch the Facebook page was a dead place with a few fans where not much happened. The company approached Facebook and brought in social-media experts, revised its social media strategy, relaunched and managed to grow its Facebook community passed 1 million fans in just 2 months. With the implementation of social media Shell has been able to engage with citizens and stakeholders in local communities on a more personable level. In a Thank You video Shell employees and Herbert Heitmann (EVP External Communications) thank their fans on Facebook for liking them a million times. Back to list. (Source: WSJ)

10. Top Gear

YouTube Preview Image

As the BBC automotive show Top Gear Facebook page approached 10 million likes, fans were asked what the hosts and crew should do to celebrate. The Top Gear crew received 7,832 suggestions in little over six hours. Many of these suggestions featured caravans, specifically caravans and some form of wanton destruction. So Top Gear did what any other brand achieving such a milestone would do: It blew up a caravan. Back to list. (Source: Top Gear)

11. Porsche

In commemoration of Porsche reaching 1 million fans on its Facebook page, the German sports car brand decided to celebrate the occasion by thanking its fans, each and every one of them. How? By offering their fans to have their names on a Porsche 911 GT3 R hybrid race car in Facebook colors. In a timelapse video the luxury car maker showed the creation of the new Facebook Porsche. For its 2 millionth like milestone Porsche revealed a special Cayman S covered with 2 million fan photos for this occasion. Both Facebook cars are on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Back to list. (Sources: KullinFast Company, High Snob)

12. Rovio

Rovio, the entertainment media company behind the globally successful Angry Birds franchise has currently over 20 million Facebook likes. The company used a creative Facebook image to celebrate their 10 million likes milestone. The 20 million milestone in June 2012 was celebrated by Rovio with another graphic image and the announcement that Rovio would like to repay the time and kindness of all their fans by offerring a 20% discount over the three plush Angry Birds toys pictured. Back to list. (Source: Rovio)

13. Lady Gaga

With over 50 million plus Facebook fans, 25+ million Twitter fans, 2.5 million followers on Google+ and more than one billion views on YouTube Lady Gaga is a real social media maven. In July of 2010, Gaga posted a special video thanking all of her little monsters, who helped her become the first living person with over 10 million friends on Facebook. Back to list. (Source: Lady Gaga)

14. Cadbury

Chocolate maker Cadbury developed a giant sculpture in celebration of reaching one million fans on its UK Facebook page. The chocolate construction resembling a giant Facebook-style “like” thumbs up was commissioned and broadcast live for two days, inviting fans to add their own piece to the growing mass. Watch the building process in this video. Back to list. (Source: PSFK)

15. Ferrari

YouTube Preview Image

With over 8 million followers on Facebook Ferrari is streets ahead of any other car maker. Fellow Italian supercar maker Lamborghini can only muster a comparatively inadequate 3.5 million and mainstream car makers are lucky to have fan numbers in the 100s of thousands or a couple million. The 8 million social media milestone, was celebrated with a 458 burnout. Back to list. (Source: Cars UK)

16. Audi & Ducati

YouTube Preview Image

To celebrate 500,000 likes, Audi put together a video of an Audi R8 writing the digits on the ground in donuts and wheelspin. The recent Audi acquisition, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, also had a reason to celebrate, it reached 1 million fans on The company released a special video with a tour around the factory in Borgo Panigale and at Mugello circuit to say thank you to all their fans. Back to list. (Source: Force GT)

17. Mercedes AMG

YouTube Preview Image

While Ferrari and Audi are marking their Facebook fan milestones with precision burnouts, Mercedes AMG wants to thank fans for helping them reach 2 million video views on YouTube with a drift in a C63 AMG Coupe around the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. The Mercedez-Benz brand itself celebrated their 4 million likes milestone in 2011, also with a special thank you video. Back to list. (Source: Worldcarfans)

18. Heineken

YouTube Preview Image

To say “thank you” to 1 million Facebook fans Dutch brewing giant Heineken sent a team of Heineken Huggers out to the streets of Amsterdam, to give back some of the love. Back to list. (Source: Heineken)

19. Corona

YouTube Preview Image

Beer company Corona passed 1 million Facebook fans in March of 2012. To thank them all, Corona created a big stunt that involved 30,000 bottle caps, 12 hours of work, and a six-pack of Corona Extra. Back to list. (Source: Simply Zesty)

20. Samsung

In January of 2012 Samsung Mobile USA hit 1 million Facebook followers. To celebrate this unique milestone the phone maker decided to hold a Facebook give away, including Galaxy Nexus devices, Galaxy SII phones, 10 Galaxy Tabs and hundred $50 Samsung Media Hub vouchers. Recently the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page hit another milestone: 7 million likes. The company celebrated this accomplishment with a Galaxy SIII give away, prior to the 6 millionth like “Galaxy Note share and win” give away. Back to list. (Source: Cult of Android)

21. Kim Kardashian

Kim Karadashian loves to blow kisses to her fans, when reaching a new social media milestone. The American socialite, television personality, model, actress and businesswoman reached 8 million Facebook fans in February of this year and celebrated this accomplishment with a post on Instagram along with the caption “OMG I just noticed that I passed 8 million ‘Likes’ on Facebook!! So crazy! Thank you all so much for your support!! I love you guys!! Xo”. More kisses from Kim? See her posts celebrating her 14th and 15th millionth Twitter follower. Back to list. (Source: Pop on the Pop)

22. Easyjet

Low-fare airline easyJet reached 50,000 likes on its Facebook page in March 2012. To celebrate this milestone, Easyjet surprised its 50,000th liker with an amazing prize – 50,000km’s (1km for every 1 like) worth of easyJet flights to anywhere on our network for himself and a friend for a year. Back to list. (Source: Easyjet)

23. KLM

YouTube Preview Image

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines wanted to give a little back to their loyal Facebook community after hitting 1 million likes. The Dutch airline surprised their fans with a YouTube video starring KLM employees saying a lot of thank-you’s. The special video was shared on KLM’s Facebook page on January 31st 2012, along with the text “AWESOME! One million fans. We’d like to say… “. Etihad Airways recorded a similar video, when reaching 100,000 Facebook fans this month. Back to list. (Source: Simply Zesty)

24. Nautica

YouTube Preview Image

Instead of using it as an opportunity to tout new merchandise or celebrate their history, US based apparel brand Nautica recorded a fan appreciation video to simply thank their 1 million Facebook fans through a nostalgic, warm-hearted look at a collection of Nautica super-fans and their Facebook photos from over the years and thank them for being a part of Nautica’s world. Back to list. (Source: Branding Magazine)

25. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones also like to commemorate social media milestones. The Facebook page of the British rockband surpassed the 9 million mark in March 2012. To celebrate this fan mark legendary guitarist Keith Richards posted a picture of himself holding a card saying “9,000,000 Stones Fans”, along with a message on behalf of the group and a promise of something very special when reaching 10 million likes. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie wood and Charlie Watts filmed a short thank you clip to the 10 million strong Facebook community in New Jersey and asked fans to ‘keep logging in’. Back to list. (Source: Gigwise)

26. Vodafone

YouTube Preview Image

With Vodafone Ireland reaching the milestones of 100,000 Facebook likes and 20,000 Twitter followers, the telecommunications company decided to create a little video saying thanks to the community with the use of a lot of mobile sim cards. Also have a look at the behind the scenes video. Back to list. (Source: Simply Zesty)

27. Nike Golf

In March of this year Nike Golf created a video with several Nike Golf players to thank their 1 million Facebook fans for their support, along with the message: “1 million strong. This is more than golf, this is athletic golf. Thank you for sharing in our passion for this great sport. Thank you for being a FB fan of Nike Golf”. Back to list. (Source: Nike Golf)

28. Adidas

Adidas joined Facebook in March of 2008 with 0 fans. Four years and 2 months later the Adidas Originals Facebook page has 10 million fans. To celebrate this milestone Sid Lee created an interactive video mosaic for Adidas to thank the people who are part of the Adidas Originals community. Adidas message: “This time it’s about the fans, not the celebrities. Therefore the video is built up with the fans’ profile pictures and changes in real time to include the most active fans.” Back to list. (Sources: Sid Lee and Silje Lian)

29. Honda

Since the inception of the Honda brand Facebook page in August of 2009, Honda fans have shared hundreds of pictures, stories, videos and moments showing their love of Honda. As the Japanese brand hits the one million fan mark, Honda celebrated this event with “We’re Fans of You Too” Week on Facebook by showing some personalized love back to its fans. Another example with some less likes: Honda Netherlands started posting on Facebook on Xmas 2011, and within 2 weeks the first 300 passionate Honda fans liked the Facebook page. In celebration of this achievement the fans to their surprise all could win a trip to visit the Honda Factory in Swindon (United Kingdom). A Honda team went outdoors to find more Honda fans by tagging their Honda car with a car magnet saying “I like this”, including a chance to win the trip to Swindon as well. Eventually 10 lucky people visited the factory. Now 6 months later Honda is ranked in the top 10 automotive category in the Netherlands with over 18,000 active fans, and even overtaking Honda UK on Facebook. Back to list. (Source: Honda)

30. The Big Bang Theory

YouTube Preview Image

The popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory, that is centered on five characters, reached in February 2012 twenty million fans on Facebook. The cast recorded a special video message for their massive following. Also British soap opera Hollyoaks and fellow CBS sitcom “How I met your mother” surprised their fans with a special video. Back to list.

31. Marvel

Marvel hit the three million fan mark on their Facebook page in February 2012. To celebrate this achievement and to thank their fans, Marvel released exclusive news, artwork and previews of their upcoming shows and video games all day long – but only on Facebook. Back to list. (Sources: Marvel and Comic Booked)

32. Konami

YouTube Preview Image

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is a series of football video games developed and published by Konami. In January 2012 the Pro Evolution Soccer Facebook page hit ‎5 million fans. Especially for the PES fans Konami released a video on the PES YouTube channel with Real Madrid and Portugal striker Christiano Ronaldo, in which he gave fans a chance to win one of the 5 signed CR7 shirts. Back to list. (Source: PES)

33. Tommy Hilfiger

YouTube Preview Image

American apparel-maker Tommy Hilfiger reached 2 million fans on Facebook at the end of 2011. American fashion designer and founder of the premium lifestyle brand Thomas Jacob Hilfiger himself thanked all the fans for their support in a 48 second thank you video on YouTube. Back to list. (Source: Tommy Hilfiger)

34. Buffalo Wild Wings

YouTube Preview Image

Buffalo Wild Wings, founded in 1982 and headquartered in Minneapolis (Minnesota), is a growing owner, operator and franchisor of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar restaurants. The restaurant chain joined Facebook in March 2008 and currently has almost 8 million Facebook fans. The Buffalo Wild Wings have created various fan appreciation videos: one for reaching 2 million fans and another one when hitting the 3 million mark, in which intern Stephen had to complete 3 challenges. Back to list. (Source: Buffalo Wild Wings)

35. AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea

YouTube Preview Image

AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea all surpassed the magic 10 million Facebook likes number to join Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United in the 10 milion+ club. AC Milan held a quick photoshoot of the players wearing a an exclusive “10 million like” t-shirt. The Italian club uploaded images of players signing their shirts to a special Facebook gallery and then launched a Timeline Cover thanking their fans. Arsenal’s pre-10 million tactic involved a Facebook competition in which fans could win a signed jersey or match tickets before the counter hit 10 million. Arsenal promoted the 10 millionth Like with a special 18 second video with Thomas Vermaelen thanking fans for their support and announcing the winners of the competition. Chelsea went a little bit further than Arsenal. The Premier League club put up multiple status updates when the 10,000,000th fan liked the Page, as well as a customised Timeline Cover image to celebrate the event. This was supported by a video on their YouTube channel. Back to list. (Source: Digital Football)

36. Jackie Chan

YouTube Preview Image

Hong Kong-born Chinese stuntman, actor, and director Jackie Chan reached 25 million Facebook fans in April 2012. Especially for his fans Jackie recorded a personal 27 second video message on YouTube, that he shared via his Twitter account and via his official website Back to list. (Source: Jackie Chan)

37. Pampers

Pampers, a trusted brand of baby products marketed by Procter & Gamble, reached 1 million Facebook fans in March 2012. The Pampers community on Facebook was created three years ago and has become a valuable resource for many new moms and parents (e.g. for advice, sharing stories and interaction with others). Pampers celebrated this milestone with 1,000,000 Gifts to Grow rewards point giveaway. Another company in baby products Fisher-Price also recently hit the 1 million milestone on Facebook. In celebration of this achievement the campany asked several kids how big a million actually is. Back to list. (Source: Babies & Kids review & TheFW)

38. Jordan

YouTube Preview Image

In December 2012 the official Jordan Facebook page received its 1 millionth fan. To celebrate this achievement Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul give thanks to their fans via a 25 second video message on YouTube. Back to list. (Source: Jordan)

39. Swarovski

YouTube Preview Image

Austrian designer of fashion jewelry Swarovski reached the 1 million Facebook fan mark  in February 2011. In honour of this achievement the company told their fans this special moment  deserved more than a simple “thanks”. So Swarovski personnel created a little video starring social media, brand, product, project managers, CEO’s, VP’s and communication managers from around the world to express how grateful they are. Back to list. (Source: Swarovski)

40. Jeep

YouTube Preview Image

The Jeep brand achieved its 2 millionth Facebook fan in March 2012, a first for any domestic auto brand, according to Chrysler. The figure, which currently sits at 2,706,293, was celebrated with a thank you video from the Jeep factory and a message from Jeep Brand President and CEO Mike Manley. Back to list. (Source:

41. Lexus

YouTube Preview Image

Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota, recently celebrated its 1 million fan mark. As the milestone approached Lexus turned to its 1 million fanbase for suggestions on how to celebrate this achievement. Lexus dismissed the ideas of putting fan pictures on the Lexus bodywork and the give-a-away of a LF-A to the 1 millionth fan. Lexus eventually decided to plant 1,000,000 seeds, an environmental gesture, by spreading seed packages via its dealerships across the U.S with the message:  “Let’s plant 1,000,000 seeds, to grow the future together”. Back to list. (Source: Motorward)

42. Aston Martin

Aston Martin is one of the automotive world’s more traditional brands, and the artisans in Gaydon (Warwickshire) are better known for fine luxury sports cars than for being on the cutting edge of social media. In fact, Aston Martin didn’t even have a Facebook page until 2009, but despite this the car maker racked up over one million followers in the past two years. To honor this achievement, the traditional automaker did something very un-traditional: crowdsourcing the build of an Aston Martin model. Via a series of questions and answers with Facebook fans the sports car maker is planning to build the Millionth Fan Car as of March 2012. Also the car will be displayed at Aston Martin’s headquarters and tour a host of public events through 2012. Back to list. (Source: Motorauthority)

43. The Office

10 Million Facebook FansThe cast of The Office says a special thank you to their 10 million Facebook fans!

Posted by The Office on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The popular British sitcom television series The Office, airing on BBC and NBC, also has quite some success on Facebook. The TV series fanbase grew from 0 to 10 million fans in about 5 years. A special moment for the cast to treat themselves with a celebration cake and a video message in dedication to their loyal fans.  Back to list. (Source: The Office)

44. Vitaminwater

YouTube Preview Image

Coca-Cola water brand Glacéau Vitaminwater reached 2 million fans on Facebook in 2010. The beverage company wanted to celebrate this Facebook milestone in a big way, by surprising one of its fans. Professional baseball player David Ortiz visited Newton (Massachusetts), home of Vitaminwater fan Rebecca S. and brought along balloons, a trombone, a cake, cases of Vitaminwater, and a special furry friend. Back to list. (Source: Vitaminwater)

45. All Blacks

YouTube Preview Image

The New Zealand men’s national rugby union team, known as the All Blacks, reached 1 million Facebook fans in August 2011, making it the first New Zealand brand to reach this milestone. In appreciation of this massive support All Blacks captain Richie McCaw thanked all their Facebook followers in a video message. All Blacks sponsor Adidas also created a shout out to all Facebook fans with the help of a couple of All Blacks players a month later. Back to list. (Source: 3Newz)

46. Lady Antebellum

YouTube Preview Image

Lady Antebellum is an American country pop music group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006. The trio is composed of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood and known for the hits Need you now, Just a kiss and I run to you. Six months ago the group reached its 6 millionth fan on the Lady Antebellum Facebook page and to show their appreciation Lady Antebellum recorded a special video message for all their fans. Other artists who also recorded a thank you video in celebration of their Facebook milestone, include Westlife and Bon Jovi. Back to list.

47. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, reached over 1 million fans in May 2011 on their Facebook page. In celebration of the 1 million fan mark Blizzard released a Commemorative Facebook Wallpaper by StarCraft II Senior Art Director Samwise Didier. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

48. Assasin’s Creed

YouTube Preview Image

Assassin’s Creed is an award winning historical fiction action-adventure video game series, published by Ubisoft, and available on almost every game console.The Assassin’s Creed Facebook community currently has 3.2 million fans and has commemorated every millionth milestone so far. At the 1 millionth Facebook fan mark, the game franchise released a special T-shirt ($16). When 2 million fans were reached Gabriel “Gabe” Graziani, Community Developer at Ubisoft Montreal, captured the reaction of  the Assassin’s creed team during an all-hands meeting. And in honor of the latest social media milestone, 3 million fans, Ubisoft produced a clip to express their gratitude to the Assasin’s Creed game community. Back to list. (Source: Ubisoft and Dan Kendall)

49. Michael Kors

YouTube Preview Image

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer. He is best known for designing classic American sportswear for women. In March 2012 the Michael Kors brand celebrated their one million mark on Facebook with the launch of the curated “Michael’s Milestones” Timeline. Accompanying the launch of the Timeline, the video on the Michael Kors YouTube channel brings to life memorable moments of the brand and the designer. Back to list. (Source: Michael Kors)

50. Miniclip

YouTube Preview Image

Miniclip, the world’s largest independent online games site, has been profitable from year 1 and generated between 20 and 30 million euros in revenue in 2010. To celebrate the milestone of 1 million Facebook fans, the company released a video showing the Miniclip mascott and personnel in a conga line through the office. Fellow game company Gameloft reached 1 million fans as well, and celebrated this milestone with a video with the visualization of a million people and the announcement of a 1001 gifts contest. Back to list. (Source: Jack Ashman)

Disclaimer: The author’s clients include Samsung Benelux, Heineken (as of July 2012) and Honda Netherlands at Starcom.

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Paul van Veenendaal (36) is an all-round marketing professional from the Netherlands with 15+ years of online experience and co-founder of ViralBlog. Currently Paul is working at Starcom Amsterdam as Social Media & Communnity Consultant for Honda, Samsung, GSK, Redbull, Heineken and Nintendo.

You can connect with Paul via TwitterGoogle+LinkedInFacebookWeiboPinterest or send him an email at [email protected].

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    28/06/2012, 19:06

    Wow – great collection of videos. Definitely an inspiration to hit 1,000,000 +++++ Likes on Facebook – maybe YUPIQ could find an awesome reward for that kind of sharing.

    • @valerie_keys Thank you for your kind comment! We look forward to see your fan appreciation initiative soon

      • @valerie_keys
        03/07/2012, 19:05

        You’re welcome, I admire the sheer amount of effort required to find and comment on each video.

        We’ll keep this post in mind as our brand grows. Thanks again.


  • @Igor, Peter, Rudi, Laurens Thanks guys for the welcome back messages. Great to have written another ViralBlog post, it has been a while …

  • Cameron
    11/07/2012, 01:14

    While I think some of these are good ideas, I feel that too many of the companies are scratching their backs rather than truly thanking the fans. Lexus did a great job at thanking their fans by doing something suggested.

    • Thanks Cameron for your feedback and expressing your opinion about the above list. Great to hear you liked the Lexus example. In this article I wanted to point out there are various forms to thank your fans, e.g. with a live-action event, a personal video, an infographic, a picture blowing a kiss, discounts, a special gift or a crowdsource idea. And as you mention some efforts are better executed than others in truly thanking fans. In the end the fans will judge about that.

  • More recent examples:
    – BMW Thanking 10M fans by pushing social history

    – Adidas thanking 15M fans with fan mosaic

    – Koodo Mobile thanking their 150K fans in a personal way

  • Nicolas
    22/08/2012, 15:00

    When they reached 10,000 fans, Marcel, an agency owned by Publicis, made a video in which their community manager thanked every single fan individually. The result is quite mesmerizing :

  • Paul Lach
    20/05/2013, 19:27

    Hi Paul,
    Came across this very informative article recently. Thank you for posting. I have a question, how did you find these “Thank you’s”? Did the companies follow up the gift, video or contest with a press release or sensationalize the event somehow other than Facebook?



  • Hi Paul, thank you for your comment and question. I found these “Thank you’s” via various ways: through refined search on Google, marketing blogs (with single articles or compilations), YouTube and earlier articles written on ViralBlog on this subject. Some companies released a press release about the Facebook milestone, others mentioned it on the company blog or official Twitter account to get the word out.