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20/06/2012 by

Brands Ignore 70% Of Their Facebook Fans?!

Brand advertising has been interruptive, distracting, selfish, one-way and mind-jacking for decades. That one-way DNA is revealed by new facts: brands ignore 70% of their Facebook Fans. See the video to get the core problem.

YouTube Preview Image

The new global study Socially Devoted by Socialbakers shows how brands engage with their fans.

Figures are pretty sad, so we hope that many CMOs are inspired to use these actionable insights to improve their Facebook presence and brand experience.

Socialbakers introduced a new standard of customer care in social media.

Customer care is effectively moving from traditional media to social networks but in order to become Socially Devoted as a company, you have to adopt a couple key elements:

Open yourselves
– make sure your Facebook profile (Page Wall) is open to questions and feedback from your fans. Over 25% of global brands close their walls.

Respond to at least 65% of questions – try to respond to each fan individually

Respond in time – users want your response right away, they are usually not very patient

Social networks encourage brands to develop a more personal relationship with their fans. But do brands on Facebook take advantage of this great opportunity?

The Socialbakers study metrics show that 7 out of 10 questions from fans are not being replied on by brands.

Question I have: Why do these brands enter a social arena and Facebook, when the why of their presence is totally unclear?

And do these brands even have a social media marketing strategy or are they just chasing channels like racedogs on steroids?

We understand that size matters my dear CEOs and CMOs. And that it seems pretty cool to have a “bigger one” than your competitors.

But if your brand is your most valuable asset, please make sure to invest in the rest as well. Managing social interactions, that’s where you should put your budget first.

Once you are able to react and interact with 70-90% of your fans, you might want to think about buying new likes through Facebook advertising.

Invest more money in customer care, managing social interactions, community marketing and management, in loyalty and social CRM.

With such an approach you might be pulling more fans through your funnel towards preference, loyalty and advocacy.

We hope that more CMOs will discover there social VSPOT.

Brands respond only to 30% of questions posted by fans
Brands have big words about Facebook. But only a minority of those brands knows how to harvest the power of social media ROI.

An incredible 70% of questions from Facebook fans are ignored which completely contradicts the interactive nature and purpose of social networks.

What´s even more alarming is that 25% of global companies go as far as closing their wall on Facebook to prevent fans from asking questions at all.

To get inspired, take a look at below data.

Are You Socially Devoted?
To discover the most socially devoted companies, visit Here you can gain insights into the top 5 most devoted brands in each industry.

Here’s the last part of our social inspiration tour.

Being social is not opening all kinds of social channels. Brands that have twitter, youtube, facebook and a pinterest page don’t impress consumers.

Being social is about other things. You might have heard terms like social by design or being a social business? Well that is a whole other definition of being a social brand.

We will cover social by design AKA being a social business here very soon. And we’ll give you a deeper dive on the social graph vs. the interest graph.

Source: Socially Devoted by Socialbakers

So follow us on twitter to stay tuned.


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Comments (7)

  • Rudi de Groot 20/06/2012, 17:30

    Hi Igor,

    Nice move by Socialbakers don’t you think? and I can’t wait to read the information about the interest graph!

    • Hi Rudi

      It’s a clever way to promote their services!

      Above outcomes make me really sad: what did those brands and their CMOs actually think?

      Do you think we should feed them more intel do do wrong with? They don’t seem to care about their fans at all?

  • Guy Manningham 21/06/2012, 00:18

    It seems like common sense that a brand would try to engage their fans on Facebook. It’s just good customer service. Social media is a chance for a company to show they care about their customers. Brands that fail to realize this and use social media as an advertising tool, fail and fail big.

    • Peter 21/06/2012, 15:04

      It would be very logical brands are very responsive in their interaction with their customers (or fans). Most of them already are used to it with customer service (helpdesks, webcare etc.). What would be the reason they neglect this (which is even opportunity) on their ‘social’ channels?

      • @Peter if 70% neglects its fans, why are they on Facebook then? To show the whole world: we suck as a brand?

        We wanted to proof that we do not understand the social environment at all?

    • @Guy You hammered it! How do you think 70% of the CMOs fail right now?

      Why are they even on Facebook if the rest is not covered?

  • Who Won the Week? 25/06/2012, 19:45

    Are you engaging with your Facebook fans when they interact with your comments and posts? Doing so may improve your fan growth and interaction from fans, it seems. Visit to get a free report of fan growth, interaction rate, and more compared to others in your category!