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16/04/2013 by

Proof That Telecommuting Works! (Infographic)

Denying your employees the option of telecommuting may cost you productivity, rent, and the happiness of your workforce, according to this Inc. Magazine infographic. Take that Marissa Mayer!


Inc. Magazine offers us an insight into the tasks that can best be performed at home, and the financial benefits of working from home. And if you think that only parents telecommute, think again.

Who telecommutes?
There has been a 60% increase from 2005 to 2011 in the amount of people who telecommute at least several days a week (1.5 million to 2.4 million). 79% of all workers say they want to telecommute at least part of their worktime.

And no, telecommuters aren’t all moms. In fact, 53% of telecommuters are male, and non-parents are just as likely to telecommute as parents.

The advantages?
Telecommuters are twice as likely to work more than 40 hours a week than non-telecommuters. Telecommuting will save your company rent, and the telecommuter travel expenses.

The disadvantage?
Yes, it’s true. Working at home can make your employees less productive when it comes to certain tasks.

However, according to Inc. this depends on the nature of the task. When doing repetitive work, employees are 6 to 10% less productive than employees who do these tasks in the office. When doing creative work, working at home will be 11 to 20% more productive.

Read the infographic below.
telecommutingMy Opinion
I can definitely see how telecommuting would increase your employees’ happiness and overall well being. Having to travel to work for hours every day can be tiring and takes away from the amount of time people spend on actual work.

I do get that some people will be less productive when working at home, but as long as they finish their job on time and deliver quality work, they should be allowed to choose whether they work from home for several days a week, or in the office.

What About You?

Do you telecommute? Does it influence your work in any way? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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About the author
Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at ICON&Co. You can connect with Marion via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Comments (3)

  • Igor Beuker 16/04/2013, 17:28

    Do not always agree that TC-ing workds great. Can depend on industry and culture of company and DNA of the people.

    E-mail can sometimes be a great way to duck and dive responsibility or to miss deadlines: “I was waiting for”I did not get that e-mail”

    Nothing wrong with a good old brainstorm and looking in each other’s eyes every now and then. Depending on project, size, deadlines etc

    But have seen plenty of networked intelligence and crowd collaboration.. so it can work.

    Like the way you did build-up your story, insights and arguments/ opinion!

    Hope MM has taken your point..

  • Laurens Bianchi 16/04/2013, 17:43

    I often work from home. The advantage is that I often spend more hours on work, working from, than from an office. The downsize is that I often wear my PJs until 11.00, so that looks a bit odd when my housekeeper comes in at 10:00 :-)

    • Igor Beuker 16/04/2013, 17:44

      A photo says more than 1000 words MR Bianchi, show us the PJs :-)