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20/04/2013 by

Dutch Toddlers Are Screenagers: Massively Addicted To Tablets

Dutch toddlers can be officially proclaimed as screenagers; massively addicted to tablets and smartphones. Read the shocking numbers here.

Toddlers and Screenagers see Mobile as First Screen

In this story you will learn more actionable insights on: Kids, tablets, smartphones, media spend, media behavior, trends, multi-screen, the impact of 4G high speed mobile internet and more.

Why The Netherlands can be a great Pilot Market?


To start with this. The Netherlands is a tiny market, with only 17,5 million inhabitants. You don’t really have to watch it. It’s that small.

However, The Netherlands can be a nice “pilot” market though. A benchmark for pop music for example.

The music industry knows that if an international artist hits the top of the charts In The Netherlands, he or she might top the charts in many other markets too.

With DJs and Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the Dutch are even setting the global trend. Should I mention Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Sensation White by ID&T?

Same might be applicable to product launches in this tiny but very critical market. In The Netherlands you can test your new products, without having to spend massively on marketing and media power.

How about brands and their media spendings. The Netherlands (in IAB, PWC, Nielsen, comScore studies) was one of the first markets in which online advertising revenues topped TV budgets. That might become a global trend as well in a while.

When looking at consumer media behavior, The Netherlands might be a great benchmark again. Maybe even trendsetter again.

50% of 3-year old Dutch Toddlers play on a Tablet frequently

Dutch kids want tablets, say bye bye to your nanny

Some stats that might forecast this screenager trend? Dutch kids are masively using tablets and smartphones.

of the 1-year olds frequently plays on a tablet. But this is +50% when it comes to 3-year olds!!

The study was conducted by Mediawijzer, among over 1.000 parents with kids between 0 and 7 years old.

The tablet usage by toddlers has increased significant the last year. In 2012 “only” 12,5% of the 1-year olds used tablets, one year later that is 33%!

In that same period, the percentage of households that uses tablets increased from 35% to 67%.

39% of the parents in the panel said that content on a tablet or smartphone provides a moment of relaxation for themselves. AKA their kids are silent for a moment.

37% of the parents says it is using tablets to ban boredom for their kids.

My Opinion on Kids, Media Behavior and Multi-Screen?

 More and more brands will become media owners or publishers, offering entertainment and content on mobile screens.

Several large brands have already embraced mobile as their next gateway to: content, communities, friends, brands and commerce.

More and more brands will become publishers too, offering entertainment and content for mobile screens.

I mostly wonder how this “swiping” generation of screenagers will perceive brands in a few years from now. Brands will need to go mobile fast!

I see toddlers in large consumer electronics stores trying to swipe 55″ flatscreen Samsung or LG TVs. “Mommy, it’s broken” they next say very dissappointed.

For the future of media behavior you can watch: The Netherlands, actionable insights in studies and trends.

You can also take a look at your kids. I am sure that you will have the answers within a day or two.

There goes my job as trendwatcher. You really don’t need me.

Lawndarts or iPad for your kids’ birthday?

Toys for kids: lawn darts, woodburning kit or ipad4

Now it’s easy to state that today’s kids are addicted to screens and that it’s wrong. But do you remember what our parents gave us for our 5th birthday?

Right, a Woodburning Kit, containing a sharp metal stick that needed to heated up to 5000 degrees so you could “craft” and carve names in wood.

Well, I don’t know about you, but all the cats in our hood were marked with the letter B from Beuker…

What were parents thinking with some of the toys they gave us back then?

How about the set of Lawndarts. 12 pound darts you could kill an elk with. No directions or description came with it, just packed in a box of 4.

We used to throw them straight up in the air. If one would hit you in the head, you would be getting coloring books for Christmas for the rest of your life!

So for the legacy thinkers, is the iPad really that bad?

Will 4G turn the Second Screen into the First Screen?

kids all around the world will be using tablets and smartphones as their first screen, not second screen

When looking at your kids’ media behavior the coming days, try to imagine this: 4G is being introduced. This means high speed wireless internet for tablets and smartphones.

What do you think that will happen to your toddler in 5-7 year’s time? His tablet, smartphone or DS will have 5G and even faster high speed mobile internet.

Kids all around the world will be on tablets and smartphones. And you will probably no longer need your nanny?

How about broadcasters and media companies? The TV or Home Cinema Set was supposed to be the epicenter of every household, right?

Well today we still might call tablets and smarthones the second screen.

When looking at our kids again, we all know what soon will be the first screen.

TV will become the second screen, mobile the first screen.

What About You?

How do you deal with your tablet addicted screenagers? Would you give your kids an iPad or a lawndart set? Or do you have an opion on what screens brands, broadcasters and media companies should focus?

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is freejack consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.


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