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05/03/2013 by

E-mail Marketing Going Mobile; Desktop The Next Fax Machine?

Why e-mail marketers should step up their game? Because 41% of e-mail is now opened on mobile devices. Will the desktop soon be the next fax machine?

E-mail Marketing Is Going Mobile; Desktop The Next Fax Machine?

“I could never run my business without my fax machine”, was a statement we all heard so often barely a decade ago.

Welcome to the digital evolution, the starting point of a marketing revolution.

New facts and findings are coming from a recent report by Knotice. It shows the marketing community that smartphones now make up 29% of the total while tablets account for 12%.

Despite the increasing dominance of Google’s mobile operating system Android, it’s the Apple iOS devices that account for the vast majority of mobile e-mail opens.

Knotice’s report is based on a composite cross sampling of approximately 500 million e-mails sent across 11 industry segments in the last six months of 2012:

E-mail Marketing Going Mobile; Desktop The Next Fax Machine?

The Nielsen Mobile Consumer survey found that 68% of UK smartphone owners used their device to check e-mail in the past 30 days.

Only text messaging was more popular (92%), while using the mobile web (66%) and social networking (63%) achieved similar results.

More important, brands in the UK can close the see, like, buy loop with mobile optimized e-mail, since 26% of the people is using their smartphone for shopping.

Smartphone owners in the USA exhibit similar behaviors, with 86% using their devices for text, 82% for the mobile web, 75% for e-mail and 63% for social networking.

An Adobe survey found similar results, with 20% of smartphone owners saying they use their device for shopping. This compares to 30% of respondents in the US, and 43% in both China and South Korea.

My Opinion?

So often here, I called Mobile the next gateway to; content, communities, brands, friends and commerce.

And maybe, for once, I could support so many of the CMOs out there? Of course I do understand that having a mobile site and mobile App are just too early for your target audience or your organization.

I assume you are the CMO who rather waits with mobile to next fail miserably in front of a massive audience. Sure, you don’t like to innovate in front of a small audience either?

You guessed right, I have no leniency for laggards in marketing. Why not?

I’d like marketers to take their responsibility, since the basics of their profession is to watch consumer trends and insights and to follow up on them.

So should I through in more facts, surveys and studies? Guess not. Marketing demands a certain DNA.

E-mail marketing is going mobile, and for e-mail the desktop will soon be the next fax machine.

May I suggest you reach out to your pocket, unless you do not need these mobile commerce revenues to enter your pocket.

Hopefully you are not betting all your money on Facebook and buying likes? Why not?

Because the blue monster will not only charge you Dollars for getting extra “likes”, you will also have to pay Facebook to talk with your “owned” Facebook fans. But, you did not hear this from me…

My hin to CMOs? Build your owned powerful owned media channel, like Nike Running.

And if you cannot invest in platform play, do build your own invaluable opt-in e-mail marketing base.

What About You?
Is your brand taking e-mail to the next big gateway, the smartphone and tablet? How about mobile commerce? Our readers would love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairmain at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 2 agencies (both sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: Econsultancy and Knotice.


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