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08/04/2013 by

New Apps For Effective And Secret Phone Flirting

Forget about texting and discover these new Apps for effective and secret phone flirting. Text Fortress could have saved The Bachelorette’s relationship and probably many more.

emily_maynard_jef_holm: New Apps For Effective And Secret Phone Flirting

After two months, I’m still on this fascinating but heartbreaking rollercoaster of a ride following my favorite reality TV couple’s relationship ups and down.

What Emily Maynard could learn about phone flirting

When entrepreneur Jef Holm stole the hand and heart of Emily Maynard to win The Bachelorette last year, I really thought this one might last.

Despite all of the positive vibes I sent their way, it didn’t take long for them to split, get back together, and split once again.

The cause of the broken engagement: texting. Holm was suspicious that Maynard was hiding something, so he committed the ultimate breach of privacy and went through her phone.

He discovered that Maynard had been sending and receiving explicit text messages and photos with another man. There was little Maynard could do to talk herself out of it with texts saying, “Let’s do this and that with each other,” according to one source.

But who was the other man? None other than Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart. Maynard could have saved herself an explosive fight in front of her seven-year-old daughter, Ricki, if she knew there were better ways of sending text messages that could keep them from prying eyes.

Sending encrypted messages with Text Fortress?

Text Fortress: New Apps For Effective And Secret Phone Flirting

For 99 cents, Maynard could have saved her relationship by buying Text Fortress. Text Fortress is the easiest and best designed application to send encrypted messages on your iPhone.

Open the application, type in your best dirty talk, type a password, and select if you want to send it through e-mail, messages, or notes.

Once you press send (no internet-access required), a link with your secret message is sent to the recipient. If they know the password, they’ll be able to read the message and copy it to any note or email they want. If someone else clicks the link, such as the recipient’s fiancé, they won’t be able to read it without the password.

Text Fortress is sleeker and far more effective at protecting your privacy than other iPhone apps on the market.

Toyopa Group’s SnapChat promised “real-time picture chatting,” with the picture being deleted after ten seconds of viewing. With Text Fortress, you can access the pictures anytime, but without the chance of getting caught by jealous snoopers.

Effective & Secret Phone Flirting Apps

Also, SnapChat had the fatal flaw that the ten seconds were meaningless because a simple two-button screen grab would override its security. Text Fortress is finally the answer phone flirts have been waiting for.

Sadly, Maynard still hasn’t learned her texting lesson. Since she split with Holm, Maynard’s been caught texting with quite a few gentlemen callers.

Unsurprisingly, Maynard started texting former The Bachelorette contestant and love interest Sean Lowe. If retracing old steps wasn’t enough, she was caught texting guitar and Twitter hunk John Mayer.

I’m sure Mayer’s romantic partner Katy Perry wasn’t happy when she found out about that one. According to a friend of Maynard’s, “This may be little more than a distraction.

Emily is bored out of her mind. So she sits at home and flirts with guys via text. That’s what got her in trouble with her ex fiancé, Jef Holm.”

Maynard needs to stop flirting via text message. The whole world seems to find out every time.

She should try Kik Messenger, a smartphone application available on iPhones, Android, Windows, Ovi, and Blackberry.

Unlike other social media and communication applications, Kik users don’t need to share any personal identifying information such as name, phone number, or location.

All Maynard needs to do is download the application, choose a screen name, and start flirting with guys anonymously until she meets that, “someone to make me laugh. I want a man that can take charge.”

Don’t know how to get started meeting Kik users? It’s popular with Instagram users that want to have private conversations with each other.

Just throw your Kik user name in a comment on an Instagram photo, and flirt away without destroying any relationships.

What About You?

Have you used any smartphone apps to communicate, or do you prefer more traditional methods such as texting, or heaven forbid, placing actual phone calls?

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About the Author

This article was written by Emiah Gardner, the editor of the Cable TV blog. Follow her @EmiahGardner


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Comments (1)

  • Igor Beuker 08/04/2013, 18:00

    Hi Emiah,

    Enjoyed the story and insights, thanks.

    Hahaha, should we put a disclaimer that ViralBlog is NOT responsible for any collateral damage from secret phone flirting :-)