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09/12/2009 by

Google Maps Shows Australian Shark Attack?!

Recent Google Maps images of Sydney’s popular Bondi Beach show a massive school of unidentified sharks cruising just meters away from swimmers.


Visit Australian Coastal Watch and zoom in to take a closer look at the sharks. Pretty amazing, but scary stuff.

Sorry, that shark bite was not real. It’s a simple, clever but smart promo for Shark Week by Discovery Channel. The campaign was created by agency Jack Watts Currie, in Sydney.

Some more interesting information about the campaign?

The Australian Coastal Watch website was set up to be as legitimate looking as possible, without looking ‘too over produced’ or suspicious. The link to the site was seeded entirely through email and unpaid social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon.

The agency created a Twitter account and timed our ‘shark warning’ tweets to coincide with a 3 KM Bondi Beach ocean swim event, which everyone was tweeting about.

The agency also used it’s personal accounts to retweet the link using various different search words like: shar, google, bondi, ocean swim, warning, etc.

The viral element was part of a larger ‘ambush’ campaign, which included online ads, a little bit of print and some radio.

Tell us how you rate this campaign.


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Igor Beuker
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Comments (10)

  • Mark 09/12/2009, 10:33

    It’s really amazing and scarry.

    Pretty cool stuff (including the website) and an interesting way to communicate about shark week.

    Nice post.



  • Pretty cool huh :-)

    Thanks Mark!

  • The_Willster (Tommy) 09/12/2009, 11:00

    Google Maps Shows Australian Shark Attack?!…

  • Doctor-V 09/12/2009, 18:36

    It’s very funny

  • Thanks for sharing Doctor-V!

  • Google maps show aussie shark attack-

  • eydryan 10/12/2009, 10:00

    It’s decent but you can tell the sharks are fake (load quicker than the rest of the map…)

    but an interesting concept

  • Hey eydryan,

    Off course you can tell. But for an average (online) consumer, pretty smart, right?


  • eydryan 10/12/2009, 20:52

    Hi Igor, and thanks for all the cool articles :)

    I guess you’re right, I mean if I were to not to be looking for it maybe I wouldn’t see it. It is a good idea.

    However i think the zoom is still way too far out to be able to notice that those are sharks…

    Thanks for your reply

  • Hey eydryan,

    That’s our hobby, no thanks needed, but appreciated. Please spread the word to your peers…

    True about the sharks, they might also be Skittles ­čśë


  • eydryan 10/12/2009, 22:15

    Hehe, I do, I send your stuff out via Google Reader.


  • Ann 15/07/2012, 12:19

    Very good, you bast….