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11/07/2012 by

Infographic: The Rise Of Mobile

Mobile is on the rise. The mobile market is constantly reshaping and influencing how we interact in our everyday lives. Today 87% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. This growth is spearheaded by China and India who account for over 30% of this growth.

Here’s a great infographic designed to help business owners and marketers know the impact that mobile is having on commerce today.

Some interesting insights:

  • Nokia remains the number one handset manufacturer
  • Samsung is the leading  smartphone hardwear vendor
  • Android OS runs on half of all smartphones shipped worldwide
  • Google is the top US mobile ad network in revenues
  • 71% of smartphone users will immediately do a mobile search after seeing an captive advertisement

What About You?

When looking at these massive numbers, what were your first thoughts? Our readers would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Trinity Digital Marketing


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Comments (9)

  • Igor Beuker 11/07/2012, 21:34

    Good question actually. A few things crossed my mind:

    A. Mobile is the next gateway to content, commerce, communities, brands and friends. Why do so many brands react so slow on mobile?

    B. Wow $3,3Billion in 2011 is massive, lets build a mobile exchange fast

    C. Ouch, $20,6 Billion by 2015 is shocking

    D. Wow Google missed out on social almost completely but their share on mobile is very high

    • Laurens 13/07/2012, 11:05

      Perhaps Google’s straegy is that they that social networks as Facebook is right now will eventually fail, as people will use social networking only on mobile device in, let’s say, 2 years?

  • Rudi de Groot 12/07/2012, 15:29

    For me the biggest insight was that Nokia still remains the number one handset manufacturer, because I don’t think their phones are that good. They used to be a lot better…

  • Social Babies 12/07/2012, 16:45

    This article had great information. As a social media marketing agency for small business I have one problem. 99% of my clients have no idea what any of this means and you know the old saying, “an educated consumer is a loyal customer.” See my problem? Suggestions?

    • Laurens 13/07/2012, 11:08


      Numbers are important, but in gthe end just numbers. As a social/online specialist you should always try to understand your clients needs first, what are their main objectives? Then conclude whether social, mobile etc. can help them reahing those objectives etc.

      Onlin, social and/or mobile is never an objective in my opinion.

  • Melonie Dodaro 13/07/2012, 01:44

    Not pretty sure if Nokia is really the number 1, coz the last time I heard – it’s Samsung already. Anyway, shift in online mobility has really changed the way we live and the way we do business. Cheers!

    • Laurens 13/07/2012, 11:12

      To be quit honest, I really don’t care who’s number 1… :-) They’re all big players in my opinion, used on a daily based by our clients target audiences.

      But it is Interesting is to see that Nokia is still in the game.

  • andreibuspro 14/07/2012, 11:56

    Looks like there is a bright future ahead for SMS and mobile marketing. This will change the game in business marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ann 15/07/2012, 12:21

    Yes customers can price check anywhere