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13/12/2012 by

Jobs Swore To Destroy Android? Google Maps Is Back On iPhone

Steve Jobs claimed Google had stolen key features, and swore to destroy Android. But Google Maps is back on the iPhone. And, it’s better than Apple Maps.

Jobs Swore To Destroy Android But Google Maps Is Back On iPhone

Google Maps is back on the iPhone with Google’s new Maps app. You can download it here. Surprisingly it seems to be for the iPhone only, not for the iPad?

Navigate your world with built-in Google local search, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Street View and more. See the video here:

YouTube Preview Image

My Opinion?
I can understand that Steve Jobs was furious, thinking Google stole key features. But to be fully honest? I do feel that Google Maps is much better than Apple Maps.

Google was already very strong on search, mapping, earth and data, but it has also managed to beat Apple Maps in its speed, design, UI and overall aesthetics.

I certainly liked this clever promo:

never get lost in the big apple, use google maps on iphone

What About You?
How do you like Google Maps being back on iPhone? Is Google a threat to Apple on the mobile phone? We’d love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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Comments (6)

  • Juan Aristizabal 13/12/2012, 21:30

    You can´t fight agains Google, No matter if you are the best brand in the world.
    Google owns the world. Its all about data.

    BTW it was really late to let google came back on iphones, I already switched to Galaxy S3

  • Thanks Juan, that’s a very clear opinion, we like that!

    Wow, so you even switched your handset?

    • Juan Aristizabal 13/12/2012, 22:47

      Hey Igor, I did.
      Im a huge fan of apple, I have almost every product (iMac, MacbookPro, iPod, iPad, AppleTV etc..) but getting the iPhone 5 if you had iPhone 4/4s is like buying the same pair of shoes but different laces.

      It also had to many problems like the maps and some purple flair on the camera, so I decided to switch to gallaxy s3 (it was not a easy at all).

  • Hey Juan

    Ouch, that must have been a step for you and extra painful to Apple: seeing a hardcore fan switch to another product is never a good sign.


  • Juan Aristizabal 13/12/2012, 23:06

    Igor, congratulations for you blog, I found it today after a google search. It is already on my google reader so get ready, I’m going to be reading a lot.

    GL, and thank you for sharing with us

  • Hi Juan, That makes us really happy and proud. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you back soon!