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24/02/2010 by

NASA Let’s You Be An Astronaut

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut, as do many children. After a quick realization that the changes of me ever landing the moon’s surface were close to zero, I decided to take on a different pad. Up until yesterday, when I heard of NASA releasing its first official iPhone game: NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator

With NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator everyone can experience what it is like to support the activities of an actual Lunar mission. You are given all sorts of missions, all the way continue navigating and keeping an eye on your equipment. You don’t want your Rover to run out of electricity while in the middle of your lunar expedition ;’)

The app comes with some other cool features including sending your friends pictures or saving them to your photo album, watch rocket launches as well as nebulas and sunspots. It’s almost like you’re there. And you can listen to music when on a mission with the Rover. For those of you who fancy driving your own lunar Rover: you can download the app here, for free

The description of the app optimistically states that your skills may be needed on future lunar projects. Given the fact that Obama announced just three weeks ago that these are canceled, that won’t be happening anytime soon. It does leave all space fans and wannabe astronauts with a nice app though.

Source: Nasa, Examiner


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