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20/10/2008 by

Ray-Ban Augmented Reality: Virtual Mirror

Did you try the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror? You can download a 3D technology at the Ray-Ban site. Then connect your web cam. Next choose a Ray-Ban you like and see how you look in the Virtual Mirror…

YouTube Preview Image

I feel it’s an application that could help to spread the Ray-Ban brand online. But for sure its a relevant tool that drives consumer engagement and advocacy amongst peers.

It will even drive store traffic and retail sales.

Ray-Ban, you did well seducing people into your path of seduction, but you missed a major opportunity here. Consumers will fit a few models in front of your virtual mirror.

But when they have the model that makes them look like a “fashionista”, they will not be able to click your buy it now button. Simply because its not there!

Why not facilitate consumers’ instant satisfaction needs? Now people can’t buy your product online and will have to visit a retail store. So the drop-off will be 50% or even much higher. You did so well online, but why not close the loop in marketing here?

The 3D technology that Ray-Bay uses here, is provided by French company FittingBox. These 3D technologies bring me immediately in the “mash-up” mode. See the demo in SlideShare below.

Since I recently opened a small retail shop (yes offline!!) in Amsterdam selling women’s lingerie and men’s underwear I am curious if these technologies will also enable my target consumers to try new underwear before their web cam.

Something like the KnickerPicker Online Dressing Room but now with FittingBox?! Off course with a “buy it online” button so consumers will be able to buy it immediately.

Let us know what new opportunities you see with 3D technologies. And don’t hold back, go fully overboard in your ideas.


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Igor Beuker
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Comments (9)

  • Darkflame 21/10/2008, 01:53

    Pretty cool tech review.
    And yes, buy-it-now will be an improvement.

    Allthough I do find some irony in a company making glass’s and using Augmented Reality only as a advertising method.
    I hope someone at the companys thinking of the future, because LCD or TOLED screens really arnt that hard to combine with sunglass’s.

  • @ Darkflame

    I fully agree with you, but your brain might be a bit too spicy for the brand right now. But I’m convinced they might adap your idea wthin a year.. or two?



  • Darkflame 21/10/2008, 02:38

    Well, small steps, small steps.
    I’m sure a streamed MP3 player with a playlist that popups into your view could be made into a pair now for a reasonable price.
    If that proves successfull they could then invest in more fancy things. Purhapes moving onto a built-in camera, then gps navigation (overlaying a compass pointing where to go), then phone, then finaly full AR head up display.

    The key is to make each step on the way a potentialy successfull product in itself.
    Which I think they would be.

  • mam
    22/10/2008, 10:29

    They don’t have this 3D techlogy for mac. And that’s strange.
    How many people do they loose right there? I tried and couldn’t find a PC with a camera in the whole office. That’s very viral.

  • @Mam

    Sorry I’m not a Mac user. And not afraid to say it 😉 But I think your tip is very valuable for them!



  • Laurens 22/10/2008, 13:52

    I use both mac (private) and PC (at the office). I agree wit mam that it’s strange that these technologies are not available for Mac.

    I tried the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror at the office, along with some collegues, before you know it you’re playing 15 minutes with this tool and also of course with the brand Ray-Ban.

    So for branding & awareness great tool, but on the other hand, is it only possible nowadays to get somebody’s attention for 15 minutes only with these kind of advanced tools?

  • Darkflame 22/10/2008, 14:10

    Well, it should be possible to do this kinda tech completely in flash, and thus work on Mac/PC/Linux.
    However, no one has done this yet.

    Flash is getting quite advanced now.
    3D With bumping for instance;

    And Newgrounds has quite a few camera-games you can play with flash;

    Really just takes more people to put the too together.
    The potential for not just advertising, but for geniunely providing a usefull service to customers is quite big.
    And it will be much bigger if OS didnt mater.

  • Shadesdaddy 24/10/2008, 17:49

    WOW, this is a great tool. Thanks for sharing! Ray-Ban is coming out with great collections and now great technology.

  • juicy814 28/04/2012, 05:21

    which offers one of the most innovative customer experience we have seen so far in E-commerce.