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29/10/2012 by

The First Ever Instagram Restaurant Menu?

People love to Instagram their food while wining and dining. Comodo, a new latin american restaurant in NYC transforms the love for sharing food photos into the first ever Instagram Menu.

Comodo used the photos of their food to create the Instagram Menu via the #ComodoMenu hashtag, to let their guests add photos of their meals.

YouTube Preview Image

My opinion?
Comodo is tapping into a trend in a very simple but clever way to visualize their food, to make the paper menu interactive and to create buzz and awareness in social media for the new restaurant.

All in very relevant ways, and using the powerful mobile handset as the next gateway to: Content, communities, brands, friends and commerce.

So Bon Appetit! And two thumbs up for Comodo NYC and for the creators of the clever idea: Raul Mandru, Mihai Botarel, Mihnea Gheorghiu.

How do you like this use of Instagram? What other opportunities for retail do cross your mind?

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Comments (4)

  • Laurens Bianchi 29/10/2012, 18:45

    Very smart! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tim Bresnan 30/10/2012, 18:17

    Its an Awesome offer to Connect with your favorite music industry professional, submitting your material to receive a video response, and become a Rocking star in a Night.


  • Paul RIcketts 01/11/2012, 13:57

    Im not kidding, this is a genius idea, really creative and deliciously simple, really clever bridge to online offline, in a visually pleasing way, and with tweaks I could adapt to other ideas. THank you so much for this. What other options were considered on the plan, and why was this chosen ahead of other ideas? Perhaps QRcodes to link back to get the users mobile numbers for marketing or pinterest boards?

    A comment to viral blog, I only wanted to add positive comment but nearly gave up on the sign up process, perhaps a quicker sign in with an option to join viralblog would have been better!