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07/05/2013 by

Why Instagram’s ‘Photos of You’ Feature Is Big For Brands

Instagram launched their newest addition to the app recently: a photo-tagging feature called Photos of You. This could be a big advantage for brands and their Instagram marketing efforts.

instagram photos of you

The ‘Photos of You’ feature was something Instagrammers had already been asking for for a long time. Instagram’s users are increasingly calling the platform their main social network.

Brands have massively jumped onto the bandwagon and added Instagram to their marketing efforts.

The possibility to tag your friends and yourself in photos is turning the mobile app into exactly what its users want: a full blown social media channel.

How does Instagram Photos of You work?

Well, when uploading a photo to Instagram, it gives you the option to ‘add people’ to your photo just like you can on Facebook. You can also do this for photos you have already posted, by clicking on the little icon containing the three dots below the photo.

On your profile, you can view all the photos you have been tagged in by clicking on the icon on the far right in the menu.

What if you don’t want certain photos on your profile?
This too is something you can edit.

By clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner when viewing the ‘photos of you’ screen, you can set adding photos to manually. When you are notified that you have been tagged in a photo, you can decide whether or not it will become visible on your profile.

So what does it mean for brands?

We already know that crowd-sourcing and content marketing is important for brands utilizing social media.

By hashtagging fan photos with a brandname or a contest hashtag, brandrelated content was easily accessible for brands to see.

This is of course also the case for the new photos of you option. Fans can tag a brand in the photos they post.

However, the photo-tagging feature also allows the exact same content to be featured on the brand’s own profile without having to post it themselves.

The possibility to manage which photos can and cannot be shown in the brand’s photos of you section is an added advantage of this feature.

nike instagram

My Opinion
Featuring crowd-sourced content on a brand profile has never been this easy. It is clearly separated from the content the brand posts itself, but doesn’t have to be searched for through hashtags. Simple as that.

The fact a brand or company can monitor the content that is, in a way, featured on their profile, will make it an even more appealing feature to use.

As an Instagrammer, I think the photo-tagging feature is a great addition to an already great app. It is already being used widely among the users I follow, and it works like a charm.

Of course, what is and was most appealing about Instagram is its simplicity.

However, Instagram’s community is also a major part of what attracts all these users to the platform, making it a social network without it meaning to be.

With the launch of ‘Photos of You’ Instagram is cleverly playing into this particular development.

What About You?
Do you think the photo-tagging feature is a good addition to the app? What about brands? Share your ideas with our readers.

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About the author
Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at ICON&Co. You can connect with Marion via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Comments (3)

  • Igor Beuker 07/05/2013, 19:51

    Thanks for sharing the insights.

    I do understand the how part, but what does it bring extra to brands in terms of AIDA? Or any other brand or business objective?

    I hope people are not going to call all apps: social networks 😉

    • Instagram isn’t about the traditional marketing way the AIDA model fits into at all. When you read stories about brands using Instagram, you can clearly see it’s about connecting with fans and customers and giving them a behind the scenes look. Brands are getting personal these days Igor 😉 all about building relationships.

      As for social networks, Instagram definitely is one: a content social network. Just because it is an app, doesn’t mean it can’t be something bigger than that.

  • Igor Beuker 07/05/2013, 21:29

    Well that’s what I call great branding: social crm, relations, satisfied customers, loyalty, brand ambassadors, increasing sales.

    I hope it’s clear to all brands how Insta can fuel their BoBo.. but sure they understand how to fit this into AIDA.. loyal customers is what most brands do get. Most..

    I love the “how to” part, but feel the need to show CMOs more what will be their benefits.

    A CMO does not really need to know HOW Google works. Might be a cool story for a Bday party.

    He/ she will be looking for purpose and ROI: does it drive AIDA. When convinced about that, he/ she will try anything.

    Problem I see in the tech industry: we talk a lot about HOW it works. Should CMOs really care? If you can have them at “hello”, they will embrace it.

    I do not need to know HOW a car works, I want it to be green, affordable, fast and very good looking…If so, I might buy it.