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22/10/2012 by

Coke Zero Skyfall: You Have 70 Seconds

The never ending entertainment machine Coca-Cola is launching its Skyfall partnership with a 007 Coke Zero vending machine in Antwerp Central Station, Belgium. You have 70 Seconds…

YouTube Preview Image

Do you like this new campaign created for Coke Zero to celebrate their Skyfall partnership? And what science fiction theories do you have on vending machines, digital OOH, Mobile or NFC?

Filmed in Antwerp, the film shows commuters travelling through Antwerp Central station drawn towards a Coke Zero vending machine offering them the chance to win tickets to see the film.

The machine challenges them to race against the clock across the station to collect their tickets but as they do so, challenges unfold, calling on them to unlock their inner 007.

The video sees regular commuters take part in their own adventure as they overcome obstacles en-route, from a fruit-seller’s oranges tumbling amongst their feet, distractions from a beautiful girl to other hurdles in their path.

Also Pepsi is trying to reinvent the vending machine, see the story at ViralBlog.

Since Coke Zero has not only invested in reach but also in creating mutual beneficial relations with their fans, they have established powerful owned media channels and opt-in CRM bases.

In this campaign, Coke Zero really used its own channels smart in their POE mix, and in no time above vending machine video was watched over 2.5 million times and buzz via Twitter at #cokezero007

What new possibilities do you see with vending machines, digital OOH, mobile and NFC? Maybe you can create a new “minority report-alike” science fiction vision for our readers?

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Comments (2)

  • Ron Brewster 23/10/2012, 06:27

    Very cool, ingenious and makes me wish it happened to me.

  • Paul van Veenendaal 23/10/2012, 11:12

    Though some blogs and comments on the video argue that the participants are actors (think of the liability of someone getting hurt because some obstacles e.g. the oranges or the participant hurting a fellow commuter in his race to the platform), the video is entertaining enough (and we like to watch our fellow human beings geting challenged) to put a smile on our faces; it gets overall positive feedback by the YouTube community (likes: 97% positive, just 3% negative). What’s interesting is that the video was also shared on Coke Zero’s Facebook fanpage with 2.2 million fans, but the video post on FB only received 46 comments and 370 likes, not that much of engagement. Also the video is edited the american way, with a happy ending, we didn’t see one person who didn’t make it.