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09/02/2013 by

Alan Watts: What If Money Did Not Matter?

What would you do with your life if money did not matter? The wise words of Alan Watts, a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. A story relevant to parents and CMOs.

Alan Watts: What If Money Did Not Matter?

Maybe it’s a sentimental Saturday, but I am curious: What did your parents teach you? And what are you telling your kids?

My parents pushed me hard to get a degree and a good job. There was literally very little space for my passion, purpose and beliefs.

I am not sad about it, it’s just the facts of life. It was how my parents were raised by their parents. I ended up well, so respect and no complaints.

However, I tend to tell my kid and my students: A winner is a dreamer who never quits. Follow your dream.

Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) is best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience.

Listen to the video Tragedy and Hope – What if money did not matter? narrated by Alan Wilson:

YouTube Preview Image

The video was shared by a marketing manager at Heineken, a former client / friend that moved abroad.

Alan Watts words were so inspirational to me, that I looked up his work and books.

And lucky me, through Google images I found his iPhone App The Essential Lectures. I downloaded it in App Store for € 30,99. Money well spent!

Other free Alan Watts podcasts will be available for you on the social web.

My Opinion?
The Maya’s could have been right: Maybe we are shifting towards a new energy?

Also Charles Darwin, who was interpreted and popularized by Huxley, really stressed that human nature was much more driven by helping others than selfishness. We have the ability to help each other and to cooperate, show empathy.

Alan Watts was stating the same. All coincidence or..?

I think that the basics of human beings is cooperation and democracy. It’s in our DNA.

In Western society we have taught each other that competition and winning is the most important thing in life.

But competition is much lower in our value chain than cooperation. But now, even the new Western world seems to be both cooperative and competitive.

Now why would this be relevant on a marketing blog?

Because there are plenty of opportunities for brands in this new Western society.

CMO’s have put themselves outside the community of human beings for decades, totally misunderstanding the truth of who we are and why we belong.

They now have an opportunity to go beyond advertising their products, and to build brands that add pieces of meaningfulness to peoples’ lives.

What About You?
How helpful could Alan Watts words be to you, being a parent or involved in branding? I would love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global chief social officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and a sought after keynote speaker.


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