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15/05/2012 by

Boobstagram: The Instagram Of Boobs

Creative concepts with the objective to raise awareness around Breast Cancer are always interesting, not just only for the good cause. Normally October is the month when these concepts pop-up on the net.

Boobstagram: The Instagram Of Boobs

But thanks to the efforts of two Frenchmen, awareness of the cause is coming throughout the whole year. In October 2011, the two created this super simple Tumblr website filled with Instagram boob shots: Boobstagram. It’s all becoming much clearer to me now why Facebook bought Instagram…

The more experienced Instagram users might have noticed a few times: boobs and asses may appear on the popular photo app. ‘So if the content is already out there, it’s just a manner of timing and combining’, Julien GLT (founder of Boobstagram) and Lionel Pourtau (sociologist) must have thougt.

Here some more thoughts of the two:

We cannot all become doctors or surgeons. But we can all take part in prevention, for ourselves, for our friends and family and for others. But how? How to be heard in the public area overwhelmed with messages ? How to avoid the pitfall of moralism ? How to build a popular communication matching with the up-to-date scientific knowledge ? And how to create a rather fun prevention campaign when most campaigns use fear?

Well, they’ve raised my awareness, both on the Breast Cancer topic and that great ideas  don’t always have to be a 100K production. Here’s my selection of the ‘most creative entries’ on Boobstagram:

‘Boobstagram, vs Movember’:

‘The Pink Army:’

Election Boobs (please vote for more research on this urgent matter!)

 ‘These are just great boobs :-)‘:

You can check all the boobs here. Care to join? You can send your boobs to [email protected]

Looking forward to your boobs your comments on this one. Do you think it raised the right awareness?


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