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31/10/2012 by

How To Become Old Spice’s Social Strategist

Read the title, now look at me, now back to the title, now back to me! Yes, you’ve read it correctly: In this article you can read how you can become Old Spices’ new Social Media Strategist!

In order to find the perfect candidate, (wannabe) social media strategists will have a week to complete one or more of the challenges set by agency Wieden + Kennedy. Finally candidates need to send in a case study presentation deck, outlining what they did and why it was so effective.

Interested? Then check out the rules:

  1. You can submit one entry to each challenge.
  2. You may not mention Old Spice, Wieden + Kennedy or the fact that you’re trying to get a job with us publicly in any way while attempting to complete a challenge.
  3. You must be 21 or over and have current eligible work authorization in the United States.
  4. Don’t do or say anything that would get you fined if you were a really good wide receiver on a professional football team.
  5. Everything you submit has to be original and created by you.

Love this one as well:

‘The official rules can be found here. They’re very boring because they were written by a lawyer, and lawyers are boring, but you should read the rules anyways.’

So follow the rules and this might be your desk in the near future:

Here are the challenges:

  • Challenge 1 – Create the best original Pinterest board dedicated to the sport of inline speed skating (NOT roller-hockey).
  • Challenge 2 – Create and post an original piece of content to Reddit that then receives the most upvotes in a single week.
  • Challenge 3 – Create and upload to SlideShare an original, in-depth competitive analysis of the Ed Hardy social media ecosystem.
  • Challenge 4 – Get the most people to friend your mother or your father (or a parent-like figure in your life) on Facebook in a single week.
  • Challenge 5 – Create an original (new) Twitter account and then use it to get the most followers in a week using any verbs you like, but only the following nouns: “BLUEFUDGE,” “HAMMERPANTS” and “GREEK YOGURT.”
  • Challenge 6 – Create an original YouTube video that then receives the most plays in a single week using this script verbatim:
    • #1: “Wait. What are you doing?”
    • #2: “Trust me. This will be fine.”
    • #1: “Ok. Go ahead.”
  • Challenge 7 – Get recommendations on LinkedIn from at least three other people trying to get this job.
  • Challenge 8 – Create the most reviewed recipe on in a single week using cottage cheese as an ingredient. The reviews don’t have to be good.
  • Challenge 9 – Upload the most pictures of your armpit(s) to Instagram during the course of this challenge. The pictures must have your face in them to verify your identity and include the hashtag #mypits.
  • Challenge 10 – Using Quora, give thought-out, meaningful answers to as many dream catcher-related questions as possible in a single week.

So if you regularly surf the web, you can do Facebook and the prospect of a more digital future gets you jazeed, you might be the perfect candidate! You have until Monday, November 5, at 5:00pm PST.

My opinon?

This is a clever way to get the brand some exposure, besides all the exposure they received as a result of all those other brilliant campaigns. And as we look at all the buzz they’ve already created with it, I’m sure they don’t need a recuiter to find someone skilled enough for this challenging job.

Have you seen any similar kind of job posting before? And what do you think of the approach?

Check out the May I Please Have The Old Spice Social Strategist Job page for the official announcement.

About the author

Laurens Bianchi is an online marketing professional from the Netherlands and has been blogging on ViralBlog since 2008. Currently Laurens is a Managing Partner and Commercial Director at ICON&Co and Social Media Consultant for the Royal Dutch Football Association.



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Comments (1)

  • Igor Beuker 01/11/2012, 00:41

    It’s a clever approach and you are probably right: smart way of doing direct recruitment. Hopefully not all lawyers are boring, I know a few who are very witty.. a few 😉