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23/05/2012 by

Parking Douche: Russian Social Shaming

Douche parking” is a big problem in Russian cities. Online city newspaper The Village has decided to do something about it and came up with an amazing digital concept.

Parking Douche: Russian Social Shaming

The newspaper created an amazing free app that allows users to take pictures of wrongly parked cars. The app recognizes number plates, the car model and color that comes with the car.

All data from the app usage is streamed live to banner ads that are targeted through IP addresses in the surroundings where the scanned car is parked. These banners appear as pop-ups on various websites. When you roll your cursor over the banner it let’s you know that this particular car is annoying people in a certain street in your city right now. To remove the banner you simply share the douche in Facebook.

Want to see how it works? Check the case video:

I believe this is absolutely brilliant concept, because it guilts people into thinking about their actions and because of the combination of location, digital media and social media. It even spices up the usage of banners which I often percieve as boring and annoying. Hey, it could even raise awareness beyond Russia, as Douche Parking is a hot item worldwide.

It also reminds me of this funny app, meant for double parked vans: QRPager

Each van has a QR-code, which you scan if the van needs to move. Check the video to see how it works:

So what are your thougths of the Parking Douche App? Do you think it raises enough awareness to solve the parking problem?

Source: DigitalBuzzBlog



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