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11/03/2010 by

Viral Video Statistics: OK Go

Last week was the week of OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’ (TTSP) viral video. Today the video is live on YouTube for 11 days and in these 11 days the play button has been hit over 7 million times.

And because it’s always nice to have a closer look at some statistics, we thought we’d ask the guys at ViralTracker to show us some. So lets have a look at the graphs and figures, be amazed and wonder what the coming months will bring. Will this one too pass, or will it be around for some time?

Viral videos all show the same characteristics; a rapid increase of views, a couple of days with (roughly) the same amount of daily views, like a plateau, and a gentle decrease towards the long-tail effect which can continue to generate many daily clip views for months. And for now this is no different for the TTSP video.

# of video views

Although the video is only online since 1 March you can see the plateau and the decrease of views to (still very impressive) about 240,000 views today. Naturally every day less and less people will watch the video, but for the coming months TTSP will continue to be a much talked about video.

About the same trend as we see in the views we also see in the amount of comments people post on the video.

# of video comments

With viral videos we usually see that the amount of comments relates to between 0.05% and 0.1% of the total amount of views. In this particular case there are now just over 11,000 comments on the TTSP video. That relates to 0.15% of the views, which shows the content is more than average compelling.

The same goes for the ratings. Using the same calculation we experience the amount of ratings given to a viral video typically relates to between 0.15% and 0.30% of the views. With TTSP this number is around 0.56%. That’s over 41,000 people that on average rate the video with the maximum amount of stars.

# of video rates

With the video not even two weeks old these statistics are very promising for an impressive long-tail effect, and we’ll make sure to give you an extensive update in about two months. For now these figures must put a smile on the OK Go faces. We wonder what a video like this one does for their album sales. Thanks to ViralTracker for the data.


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