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30/04/2012 by

Tug Of Store: Crowd Sourced Social Commerce

Tug of Store is a real-time game, where coolness is decided crowd sourced democracy. This simple but clever site, enables consumers to express which products they rate crap or cool, in a very entertaining but commercial way.

tugofstore the clique democracy Tug Of Store: Crowd Sourced Social Commerce

See how the products are rated by you and your peers. And if a product is voted cool by your peers, you can buy the coolest product to avoid a possible walk of shame.

Fed by the API of curating shop svpply, this site awards the coolest and most crappy shops and products.

Now this is what is lacking at Facebook: real-time product rating and reviews, combined with a one-stop shop Amazon experience. And the See, Like, Buy experience, that is what is still missing at to many branded Facebook pages if you ask me.

Why do some of the leading retailers, still not allow their Facebook fans to buy the products they have liked and shared. Amazing to see how we do tend to forget to close the loop in the social media space.

So we’re calling all retailers to get their act together in the social media space. We want a 360 experience, even on blogs, Twitter and Facebook: give us the full monty; let us buy your shizzle.

Try the Tug of Store
and rate some products. If you really like one, you can order it online to close the loop in your experience.

What About You?

Please tell our audience in the commnets below, how you liked this experience. And feel free to share some of your favorite social commerce sites. You might even get back a few stunning sites.


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Igor Beuker
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Comments (3)

  • Rudi de Groot 01/05/2012, 11:57

    Hi Igor, thanks for the information. Been a big fan of svvply for quite some time now, and the idea is really cool, but the execution/usablity of the site tugofstore is not so good. It is not intuitive and it doesn’t invite me to come back or share the site with my friends. I hope they will change the site based upon user feedback. Does somebody else agree that the site could have been better?

    • Oh I agree on usability and intuitivity.. But some of the ideas given here are to be seen at macro level and to let people think about their own e-commerce, social commerce, f-commerce and see, like buy approach..

      So I’m not really interested about micro level details in this phase..

      Curious why some many do not close the loop yet.. it’s like finding cool sneakers in a retail store and next not being able to buy them if you like them…

  • Megan Jones 03/05/2012, 18:27

    By the look of the screen shot at the beginning of the post Tug of Store does not look attractive or have a good design. It seems especially important that an application like this that asked you to rate products on their ‘coolness’ (whatever that is) should have an aura of superior design.