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12/04/2012 by

2012 Report: How CMOs Are Using Social Media?

Should you as a CMO focus on Google+, invest time in Pinterest or just ride the Facebook train? The answer may lie in the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report that is up for grabs until 19 April.

For their new report our friends from Social Media Examiner questioned 3800 marketers and at some point got 2700 open ended responses. So yes, there’s a lot to be learned…

As Michael Stelzner, founder Social Media Examiner already pointed out: “Google+ has gained a lot of attention because it’s from Google. Marketers already know the marketing might of this giant and are taking its new social network seriously.”

The report will give you valuable insights which you won’t find elsewhere. Like the top 10 social media questions marketers want answered. How much time marketers invest with social media activities and the most used social media tools and services.

You might know that content is king. And that distribution is queen. But metrics is still the emperor.

If you don’t believe us, read the full report to find out that measurement is the number 1 question among marketers for the third year in a row.

The 42-page report is free for all to use and of course to share. Because that’s in social media’s nature: sharing is caring.

You can download the full 2012 Social Marketing Industry Report here.

My advice: Start with a MRI scan (social monitoring report as 0-measurement) on your brand and competitors – create a solid strategy that will fuel your brand and business objectives – before you start chasing all kind of channels like a race dog on steroids.

Set realistic KPI’s to measure ROI; Repeat the MRI scan (social monitoring the 1,2,3-measurements) and include your media spend in that period and that of your competitors to compare buzz, SoV, sentiment and more.

Do not forget to use Social NPS; What score did you have at the 0-measurement and how have you improved your Social NPS at each new report?

Did you put targets and incentives in the contract with your social marketing agency? Do you bonus them for organic growth, earned media value etc?

This 2012 CMO Guide to the Social Media Landscape will certainly help you to make better channel choices.

If you have defined clear brand and business objectives, wrapped in a clear strategy.

Please let us now if the above made any sense to you. Love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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Igor Beuker
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Comments (12)

  • Claudia Kasteel
    12/04/2012, 15:48

    Thanks for drawing attention to this report, it looks really useful.

    I wonder if Google+ will be used more by marketeers in the future, what do you think?

    • Thomas
      12/04/2012, 16:14

      I find it interesting that blogs are still a big thing for marketeers. Bsed on the current online environment, I would think social media are more dominant that blogs.

      • Could be in numbers: if you tend to see massive reach and are a media agency.. If you look beyond the social network fever, it might be: and + and not and/ or 😉

        But less might even be more sometimes; especially when you talk about influencers and opinion leading bloggers…

        What would a fashion CMO rather have? Airtime on Facebook or the top fashion 10 bloggers front row at their fashion show?

        What would a Nokia CMO rather have? Airtime on Pinterest or the top 10 gadget bloggers at their product introduction? I would opt for a (positive) blog post at ie Tech Crunch.. sure the rest will follow 😉

        What would the Renault CMO rather have? A YouTube movie or David Guetta as the Twizy brand ambassador?

        What would a Nike CMO rather have? Airtime on G+ or connect to the 100 leading sneaker influencers that believe in Nike and not Adidas?

        Less might be more sometimes. Massive reach or engagement with 10 influential bloggers (that will influence the buying behavior of millions of passionate sneaker lovers)

    • Are you ready for an honest answer? Most people do not know what G+ actually is.. And it was hot for a while and growing..

      I think it’s trying to help Google fuel it’s social search engine.

      As CMO; would not be on top of my list.. meat nor fish=misssshh


  • Robert
    12/04/2012, 16:55

    If CMOs just blindly take the Facebook-train and think they will arrive at the position were the want to be, they are wrong. Of course they can target specific demographic groups on Facebook, but the important thing is that CMOs knows if their target group uses Facebook only? They need to use smart metrics to find out. I wonder if CMOs know there are other high speed trains approaching the station and if they’re smart enough to catch it…

    • Hope you are right. I see too many leding brands on FB with lousy pages and content. Really bad for brand reputation.

      When I play golf with these specific CEO or CMO; they tell all “mine’s bigger than yours”…

      Size does matter at 0-level (the male ones 😉

      The best ROI on a CMOs media Dollar; I guess Facebook will tell “that’s Facebook”

      Luckily there are agencies that have a broader scope on ROI across all POE channels!


  • Rudi de Groot 12/04/2012, 17:09

    Yeah I really agree with Igor, it amazes me that Google+ is high on the list as research also shows that the engagement and time spend on Google+ is much lower than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

    • Yes engagement beyond the buzz word can increase brand awareness and preference signicifant;
      the brands that include online and social in their – brand tracking – studies know this; those are the chosen ones.

      The others are the doomed ones; the penny wise, pound foolish ones. These are the brands that brief their agency on AIDA. Next they DON’T do brand tracking. And end-up talking about their CTRs on their FB ads…

      That’s the moment I leave the boardroom, to visit the men’s room; where I cry out loud for a minute and bang my head on the wall..

  • Wayne Tasker 13/04/2012, 11:05

    Ive found that Social Media is taken too lightly,almost given second cousin status .
    Its important to explain a winning strategy and over see its implementation..
    Once interaction starts to take place and the power this media has to offer a business the status level of Social Media tends to change.
    A well trained Social media staff member in an organisation is the best way to avoid fragmentation..All communication must go through that post.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks man! Finally a social media soul mate…
      Many CMOs have embraced social media, most failed to integrate it!

      Social media only works when in a social business approach: not in silo’s but integrated and central …

  • Luis Yera 26/04/2012, 14:42

    I wonder why CMOs and CEOs want to know more about Google+ if nobody likes it.

    Shouldn’t they focus more on social media sites like Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr?

    Anyone got any feedback for me?

    • Hi Luis

      You might be right. But like the CMO 2012 guide shows: the channels depend on the objectives.

      Yes indeed Twitter is extremely powerful YouTube massive and Tumblr cool.

      But most CMOs should first become “the man with the social media marketing plan”..

      too many chase channels without having a clue what to do.. they’d rather stay out and find out first…

      Does this make any sense?