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11/06/2013 by

Adaptive Planning On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

CMOs are going towards adaptive planning when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. How about your POE strategy?

CMOs and POE Social Media Planning

Having a great social marketing, content and distribution strategy in place and a social team behind the buttons?

Next you will have probably looked up the Guide to the Social Media Landscape of 2012 and 2013?

Now you will probably ask your (social) media agency about the channel strategy?

The Social Media Marketing Explosion: Infographic

How your social media obsession can make or break your career? Find the insights in this infographic by the University of Florida:

Adaptive Planning On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+ (Infographic)

Most CMOs and their media managers are asking their media agencies for a per-market-breakdown.

How many Facebook users are there in my core markets?

Can you break-down the number of Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest users for i.e. the rising BRIC markets?

Some of them will be disappointed by the reach of Foursquare or Pinterest in your core markets. But big is only good when smart, right?

And hopefully most CMOs by now will think beyond reach when it comes to Foursquare. Because they know that it’s much more than a just a SoLoMo App.

Adaptive Social Planning & POE

I have been talking about adaptive social planning and POE Media here several times.

Adaptive Planning On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+

If you are a non-linear social marketing mind, you will also think beyond the reach of the social media channels.

You might be interested in POE Planning Beyond Reach?

Or why content marketing matters?

But we tend to mistake social media advertising (SMA) with social media marketing.

SMA could be best explained as: buying blogvertorials, paid-for likes and followers.

And let’s not forget: paid-for video views to get your branded social video in some kind of viral chart.

All available at your media agency.

Social media marketing (SMM) goes way beyond the paid planning tactics.

SMM might even include real time social monitoring, content marketing and real-time liquid POE media planning based on big-data.

Gatorade Your SMM Benchmark for 2013?

What does it take to actively engage millions? The voices of our athletes and influencers are heard with Gatorade’s Mission Control.

YouTube Preview Image

This is because they go to the epicenter of the conversation. It’s all about creating the dialogue, proactive outreach and continuous tracking.

Their pride is in monitoring the pulse of the Gatorade brand.

During my many speaking engagements I tend to show this video.

Guess how many people in the room raise their hand when I ask them: How many of you have a Gatorade alike approach?

Exactly, zero in total.

Are we all too busy broadcasting in social media: Hey you there, buy my shit?!?

My Opinion?
You need to be obsessed. Very, very obsessed about social media and POE to do it right.

This infographic might help you to work towards adaptive social planning.

But all the integrated, NASA-alike big-data dashboards in the world, it still takes experienced and clever people to be adaptive.

A team of analysts that can identify data and look for actionable insights; a very rare combination of mad men and math men.

A strategist who can turn actionable insights into gold, and long term digital brand programming.

Some very smart community and content managers behind the buttons, mixed with social care.

But the journey starts top down; with a CMO that is open to learn and adapt.

POE media and adaptive planning can increase the ROI on your media investments.

And not only in social media.

So go for it.

What About You?
Are you planning your social activities based on the reach of the channels? What other ingredients have you blended into your adaptive planning strategy?

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairmain at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 2 agencies (sold to WPP) and Global Chief Social Officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: University of Florida.


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