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12/09/2011 by

Analyzing Your Social Media Strategy

For a couple of years social media has been on the radar of nearly every marketer. Some really understand how to make it work for them, others struggle and some are still clueless. Araceli Perez of e-interactive created an amazing infographic, showing us all the relevant steps one need to take for a solid social media strategy

The infographic guides you to a strong social media strategy in five necessary and important steps. Even though it was shown first in April 2011, it inspired me to have a closer look at our current social media strategies. 

The five steps that guide you to a social media strategy:

Step 1: Define measurable & actionable KPI’s

One of the biggest mistakes marketers can make is to see social media as a goal. Something they need to be part of. Social media is a channel through which you can communicate with your target audience. So choose the social media channel where your target audience is active (or will be active) and set yourself KPI’s. How many people should be part of our social network, how often should we engage, how many new product suggestions should I receive, etc.

Step 2: Configure your analytics

Measure your social network activities. What works for me and what doesn’t? Try to experiment, but make sure you measure the success and failure.

Step 3: Use social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring tools can give you insights, that are essential for you to understand your target audience. The tools will help you identify all the positive and negative buzz around your brand, making your communication fair, efficient and effective. In other words, social media monitoring tools help you create the right content. Listening is one of the major assets of social media, but is easily overlooked. 

Step 4: Understanding each social metric

When choosing your social media channels, make sure you understand all the assets and possibilities of these channels. Use these to spot growth, business opportunities and to set your KPI’s.    

Step 5: Revise your strategy

When you understand and measure the social media channels and have been activily using them, take a look back and see where you stand compared to your KPI’s. Enjoy!




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Comments (4)

  • Igor Beuker 12/09/2011, 23:25

    Very interesting article.

    However, we have seen last 15 years that most brands have a web presence, but a real solid strategy is still lacking. We also needed a website, mostly because the neighbors had one..

    On social strategy: most brands have started to run like mad men, opening all kinds of social channels, but without having any strategy at all: tactics and channels.

    Structure normally follows strategy, and in the strategy should be the epic point: what does social deliver to the brand and business objectives.

    Brand objectives are mostly tracked by a independant brand tracking company (ie MetrixLab), not only by social monitoring tools. Radian6 etc will not tell you about AIDA.

    So there is more to explore in social strategies: how does it contribute to BoBo (brand + business objectives)


  • 40deuce 13/09/2011, 19:01

    This is a fantastic infograph!
    I also totally agree that companies need to start by coming up with clear goals and objectives for what they want to get out of social media so that they know what to be looking for when measuring results. Too many companies just jump in and try to figure out which metrics were important afterwards.
    Once you know what your goals are, you can really see what’s working and what isn’t and be able to make actionable objectives on what needs to change from seeing that data.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • Igor Beuker 13/09/2011, 19:18


    You are very right. Too many brands and media agencies approach social as “channels” where they can reach people.

    And many brands jump into social without even having a clue about the sentiment around their brand and without any strategy.

    Why take such risks on the most important asset of any company: the brand..



  • Chynna 25/09/2011, 05:02

    Tip top stuff. I\’ll epcxet more now.