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28/04/2014 by

EDM Monitor 2013: Social Media Performance Of Superstar DJs

Recently at Dancefair the EDM monitor was presented; a report that analyses the online activities of DJs in the dance scene over the year 2013.

EDM Monitor 2013: Social Media Performance Of Superstar DJs - New story at

The online performace seems to be related to the commercial success of the individual artists. There is a connection between the Facebook score and the ranking of an artist in the DJ Mag Top 100, the annual list that brings forth the number one DJ of the world.

Thereby DJs born after 1987 are doing better on social media in comparison with their older colleagues. With a strong online reputation and a database with millions of fans, lucrative sponsorship deals can be closed.

Big Data & Social NPS for Digital DJ Branding?

The Data Analysis of this report is performed by Rankingz. An initiative of DDMCA and JibeCompany.

EDM Monitor 2013: Social Media Performance Of Superstar DJs

Their vision is: “Everybody is a brand on the internet and every brand can be compared with one another and their influence.” Internet, IT and social media ensure that we are connected anytime and anywhere.

Data resulting from these activities is invaluable to make a transition to the digital world. As a respectable player in the dance scene you have to become an integral part of the internet ecosystem to stay in touch with customers, fans and ambassadors.

Making a difference with an authentic message and experience. A necessity for making progress in the dance scene.

Are Dutch Djs Leading the Way?

Dutch DJ’s and producers help their colleagues in the cultural sector on the way financially.

A lot of arts organizations received less subsidy in 2013 caused by the cutbacks of €325 million.

To make sure they keep the remaining income from the Dutch government, artists join forces and experiment with new business models. Research by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science indicates that the cultural sector can keep its head above water.

275 organizations where cutback but a year later only 41 brands stopped their activities. 70 Organizations where successful without extra money.

Artists now appear to seek a middle ground jointly. Partly with government money and partly with private funds.

Dance Scene Example for Cultural Sector

The dance scene takes the cultural sector in tow. That’s not surprising, according to Denis Doeland, owner of DDMCA.

In the past the dance scene never got extra money form the government. Most DJ’s and producers got started with their own money. They had to be inventive. It’s not surprising that these entrepreneurs see the value of streaming and big data far ahead of others. By collecting data they can develop new business models that are successful. Not only for themselves but also their community. That is what the future on the internet is all about.

Denis Doeland also stated:

The match between a message and customer experience is based on relevant content these days. Advertising doesn’t work anymore to connect with a fan. The Netherlands is reluctant with the analysis of customer behavior and monitoring. It’s only a matter of time before the internet is going to have a radical effect on the success of all artists and producers. Being part of the digital world is a must to survive in the future.

EDM Monitor Offers DJs a Social Benchmark

The EDM monitor also shows the significance of Dutch artists in the dance scene. That success is made possible by the government and the top sector policy.

EDM Monitor 2013: Social Media Performance Of Superstar DJs

The creative industry has been designated as top sector for investments. Because the return on investment in the dance scene is on a high level, now other artists and creatives can be financially supported.

The Internet is also the cultural industry’s future. By collecting big cultural organizations can analyse the behavior of their customers and fans in a more effective way.

Thereby, advertisers are prepared to pay more money to reach their audience.

Download the EDM Monitor 2013 – Free Preview DJs.

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Do you also feel there’s music in the EDM DJ Monitor? We all get smarter from peer discussions, so share your opinion.

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About the Author
Denis is an experienced internet entrepreneur with a big track record in the entertainment industry. He is constantly busy helping his clients to make the important stepts towards the digital world. Denis has a passion for Internet Strategy, IP Rights, Publishing, Analytics, Social Media and New Business Models for several branches. Connect with Denis via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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