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23/09/2009 by

Ford’s Social Media Strategy – OMMA Keynote

It’s true. ViralBlog loves Ford approach in social media. This isn’t the first post dedicated to Ford’s social strategy and sure won’t be the last if they continue on their path like they do now. Recently, Scott Monty (head of social media for Ford Motor Company) gave a talk on social media marketing at OMMA Global New York.


Read on to view the slides and our comments on this inspirational slidedeck.

There are some good insights in these slides, the following quote comply with earlier personal conclusions in social media research.

In its earliest days, there was a face associated with Ford. In recent years, not so much. We realized that with social media, we had an opportunity to begin to humanize the company.

The quote below is also a good way to summarize the effort a company should put in social media.

Fifty percent of social media is just showing up. It’s the other half that’s hard.

The catch
? Know how to fill up the gap of the other 50%. How? Know how to handle social media, know your target audience, adjust your tone of voice and think in dialogues instead of 30 seconds of RTV touchpoints.


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Comments (4)

  • Scott Monty 23/09/2009, 16:48

    Actually, I said 90% of social media is just showing up. It’s the other half that’s hard.

    If the numbers don’t add up, it’s because I was channeling Yogi Berra. :-)

  • Thnx for the comment Scott! Wasn’t familiar with Berra’s quotes so took it for a mistake 😉

    Love the presentation! Great inspiration :)

  • Laurens 24/09/2009, 10:57

    Great insights, it shows perfectly that a presence of a brand in social is not a social media strategy.
    Something many brands can learn from..

  • michaelnotte (Michael Notté) 30/09/2009, 16:12

    Ford Social Media Strategy case study (+ slideshare presentation). Wow! They know how to do it #ford #social

  • Jerry Bishop 18/08/2011, 16:38

    Interesting. I find it very surprising that Ford has taken such a narrow approach to their strategy. It may be viewed as effective within the FB & Twitter world but what about the rest of the social world?

    A major part of any social media strategy and looking beyond the most popular tools is looking at the benefits of using outlets with a global presence. I encourage organizations to include Ushi, Orkut, Hi5 or Bebo as well as the other country specific or niche social networking sites in their strategies if they have global priorities.