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16/04/2012 by

Harrods Activates Fans Through Pinterest

Have you ever fancied designing your own window at Harrods? Well, here is your chance! Harrods London is inviting you to create a mood board on Pinterest, which will be the inspiration for a ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party’ window.

Consumers who “pin” inspirations for the window around the theme “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party” have a chance to have a Harrods window inspired by their mood board. The winner will be brought to London for the special unveiling.

Your board must be titled ‘Harrods Street Party Window’ and once complete, you must tweet us a link to your board (@HarrodsofLondon) including the hashtag #HarrodsWindows

If you need some ‘Pinspiration’ for your board, here’s what Harrods created to give you some ideas:

Harrods uses their (social) networks to drive awareness and act as entry point for the contest, which drives fan growth and brand awareness at the same time. Remarkable is that entries for this contest are only valid from British residents. Why remarkable? Pinterest in the UK has a bigger male audience than females…(males 56% vs 44% females).

Submissions must be in by April 19, so if you’re British, be quick and give it a try!

Looking forward forward to your comments. Smart usage of Pinterest? Or would you approach it differently?

Source: Harrods facebook page


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Comments (6)

  • Igor Beuker 16/04/2012, 16:26

    Knowing the UK target audiences that have embraced Pinterest: Harrods might not reach and engage most of them..

    But innovation is smartest when still a niche; you innovate, trial, error and learn in a niche- not in front of a massive audience; so smart Harrods does it now!

    Last: more CMOs should invest in visual content creation, so photo and video are important. Especially with design and other products that have to be seen; cool that Harrods embraces visual content or Pinterest in this case!


    • Laurens 18/04/2012, 01:18

      My perception of Harrods is not specifically innovative, more expensive/luxury/glamour/great- x-mas-windows/love-the-rotisserie

      But from the point of view of a Harrods fan, who has an opportunity to design a window, that’s awesome. If they asked me to write a letter to enter contest, I would also do that!

      • Igor Beuker 18/04/2012, 01:22

        Good point: offer the fans that extra mile and involve them.


  • Rudi de Groot 16/04/2012, 16:43

    Completely agree with Igor also. Really good to see that there are brands out there that are open to try new things.

  • Robert
    17/04/2012, 10:22

    Love the approach of Harrolds. At the moment Pinterest is the best platform to gather visual- user generated content. The perfect way for their target audience: people who love design.

    Indeed, good to see that brands are not afraid to use these kind of new platforms to start there campaign.

  • Debbs Hosting 12/05/2012, 10:51

    I think that this is a great idea of Harrods, too. I’ll bet that this will make it more popular not only to those it caters but worldwide.