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26/05/2013 by

How 10 Social Sites Can Fuel The Brand Called You? (Infographic)

Klout hunter or not, here are 10 social sites that can build the brand called you. Get the insights and tips from this handy infographic.

How 10 Social Sites Can Fuel The Brand Called You? (Infographic)

You have probably noticed how people get their intel about you before they are going to meet you?

Right, via social media.

How to fuel the brand called you with social media?

In the age of the internet Google search results, Facebook and LinkedIn are creating the first impression about you.

Technology can help us to predict our personal marketing future.

Klout and TwitterCounter are often being used to benchmark our social “status”.

How 10 Social Sites Can Fuel The Brand Called You? (Infographic)

Business professionals can’t afford to have a weak or mediocre impression online if they want to be successful in building their relationships and reputation.

Launch Yourself: This new infographic “How to Use 10 Social Networks to Grow Your Personal Online Brand” covers top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Slideshare and WordPress.

Some of the tips are simple, but very clever:

– Following top influencers in your field on Twitter.
– Managing your Facebook reputation.
– Demonstrating your passion through Pinterest.
– Creating a personal website using WordPress.
– Uploading a presentation on SlideShare to show your expertise.

Infographic: 2013 is about the brand called you

In the professional world of 2013, your resumeis no longer the most important asset you can have – it’s your online brand.

If you’re not optimizing your online brand, you’re missing out on thousands of opportunities.

Check out this infographic for 10 different social networks that will help you grow your brand:

How 10 Social Sites Can Fuel The Brand Called You? (Infographic)

An infographic from the team at Boot Camp Digital.

My Opinion?
I see more and more Klout hunters in social media. Shouting out loud seems to be the holy grail of social media in 2013?

Have you noticed how social media changes our behavior?

How many people in your circle have “CEO” in the Twitter or LinkedIn bio?

Old skool me? I was still being under the impression that only a Fortune 500 company could call himself CEO,

Nevertheless, it’s a statistic fact that your social branding and reputation are getting more important than ever before.

It sometimes feels like we are part of a sociological revolution, not a technological one. Because social media is certainly changing our behavior.

Many of us use it as broadcasting medium, helping us to earn the attention of our peers. With our Klout score as the holy grail.

I hope that we sometimes understand that sticking feathers up our butts, does not make us chickens.

No peacocks either.

What About You?

What content and social sites do you use to build the brand called you? Our readers would love to see your ideas in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairmain at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 2 agencies (sold to WPP) and Global Chief Social Officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and a sought after keynote speaker.


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Comments (4)

  • Laurens Bianchi
    26/05/2013, 13:54

    Although I’m a big fan of it, I don’t think Wordpres should be in the infographic. It’s not social such as Tumblr. Today it’s all about visual content and social, that’s Tumblr. Screenagers will engage with this social content network more and more, Facebook is for grandpa!

  • Thanks a lot. But I don’t agree.

    Blogs are still one of the most powerful and influential platforms within the social universe.

    I guess today is a lot about visual content, but not all.

    Great storytelling, the massive sales of books, the power of deep insightful stories at blogs or reviews: that’s still or story or text based.

    So I guess visuals can say more than a 1000 words indeed, but I don’t believe that great story telling (Ted videos, documentary’s, books, stories, blog posts etc) is dead.

    If you look at the growing numbers online, many grandpa’s and grandma’s have entered the web and social web.

    And especially this “grey” target audience is not only huge around the globe; they also have the time and money.

    So I would not open another youth marketing agency in this era, the growth will certainly be in senior citizens!

    • Laurens Bianchi
      26/05/2013, 17:23

      The infographic mentions: …10 social networks… WordPress is not a social network, therefore I believe it should be in the infographic. Or they need to change the title. I agree with you on the powerful influential role a blog can have.

  • Gladys Celosse
    26/05/2013, 18:29

    True wordpress not a social network at all.

    Same for Twitter; microblogging interest network, not a social network

    G+? Not even google can explain in 1 minute what it is :-)

    Insta a social network?

    Social network might be a container term that is being used wrongly more than often?