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27/11/2012 by

How eDreams Helps You Find Mr. Right

No, this isn’t Dating 101. But if you do want to find out how online travel agency eDreams is attempting to help European women find the men of their dreams, you should read on.

Yesterday, eDreams launched their My Perfect Man Facebook campaign, helping women to find the man of their dreams and at the same time promoting different, unexpected travel destinations.

What exactly is eDreams?
eDreams is an online travel agency that offers cheap flights, hotels, and last minute holidays. In order to get rid of the misconception that the perfect man doesn’t exist, they launched a quite intriguing social media campaign.

How will they help you find Mr. Right?
In this campaign, women are asked to choose between two options in different categories, such as dark vs. blonde, or a nice smile vs. a nice body, after liking eDreams’ page. Your preferences are then mixed and matched, and as a result you’ll find out in which country you can find your perfect man.

Naturally, for the sake of research, I liked the eDreams page and did the quiz. After a short list of categories, a video popped up in which my perfect man introduced himself by saying, “hello darling, my name is Ivan, I’m 30 years old, and I’m from Moscow.”

Yes, if I’m ever to find Mr. Right, apparently I have to pack my bags and go to Russia. Which is exactly what I can win after participating in the contest: a trip for 3 to Moscow to find that perfect Russian fellow. After December 10th, 3 winners will be randomly selected, and sent on a round-trip to the destination chosen for them.

There is also a possibility to compare your results and preferences with other women who have entered the sweepstakes. After the campaign is over, eDreams will publish a list of the traits that women are looking for in their Mr. Perfect. Could this quite possibly be the Holy Grail among lists of what women want?

So what does eDreams want to achieve?
All fun and games, of course. But what is the main goal of this campaign? eDreams’ Director of Social Media Bob Samii explains:

 “What if the perfect man actually existed and the only reason you haven’t met him yet is that he lives on the other side of the world? We’re thrilled to launch our Mr. Perfect campaign — it’s the second in a series called “Turn The World Around” which is helping people think outside of the box about travel and explore a part of the world they’ve never thought about. It’s wonderful for both our users and for tourism.”

So what do we think?
Definitely a campaign that makes you think about exploring different places, and finding love could certainly be an incentive for women to travel and see what else is out there. So are there any downsides? Of course. The contest is open to the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, and Italy only. There are only 3 international destinations (Moscow, New York, and Buenos Aires) available, which also means that there are only men of 3 nationalities for you to match up with. So chances are my perfect Russian man is actually far from perfect. But that’s a small price to pay to participate in this fun and original campaign!

Your opinion
What do you think of this campaign? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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About the author

Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at Share Force One. You can connect with Marion via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Comments (2)

  • Igor Beuker 28/11/2012, 01:24

    I think it’s very clever and they did their insights right. Hopefully they will also reverse engineer it so the guys can find the Mrs. Perfect, or might that we the sequel? :-)

    I have seen massive billboards close to a few airports, trying to remember in what cities..

  • Laurens Bianchi 28/11/2012, 15:31

    Indeed a clever campaign, haven’t seen anything compelling yet in the online travel industry after TripAdvisor’s Travele IQ Challenge

    But this one is definitely a cool one!