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05/04/2012 by

Imagine: Social Media In The ’80s & ’90s

Can you imagine what Twitter might have looked like if it was created in the 1980s and Facebook if it was launched in the 1990s? Do you think it would have become as popluar as it is today? Would you have used it? Or were you still in your diapers? created some crazy short animations of their interpretation of an 80′s Twitter and Facebook in the 90’s. They even made one for the Google lovers…

Twitter’s short character maximum actually seems to make sense if it was from the 80′s when every bit was so expensive. So what would the world famous micro-blogging site look like if it was created during the literal dark ages of the Web?

Check out the Twitter interpretation below:

And what if Facebook was lauched in the 1990s? Well, after seeing this interpretation it can even look stupid… really stupid! Check this VHS tape with the popular science show ‘Wonders of the World Wide Web’ about Facebook.

Back to the 80’s again! Squirrel-Monkey’s interpration of Google in the 80’s goes even beyond a just a video, they even shared the source code (QuickBASIC/QB64)!

We’re not finished yet! We all know that smartphones have accelerated the massive growth of social networking. But smartphones gave us more than just easy social networking: Apps!

Any idea how the popular Angry Birds game would have looked like if it was an 80’s app or home computer game?:

Last but not least: Drawsomething was launched when the Hipsters scene really started (by the way, do you still draw something?)

So now for real: do you believe any of the interpretations could really have made it the 80’s or 90s? And if so, do you believe if brands also would have embraced it as a new communication medium?

Source: ICON&Co, Squirrel-Monkey
Source image 80’s iPhone : The Mobile Phone Massif


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Comments (6)

  • Jorgen Ekvoll 06/04/2012, 12:18

    Haha! This made me laugh so hard! I remember how I used to do graphics like that on the BBS boards that I was operating, which got me into pixel art at a later point. I never managed to leave that though, and are still doing pixel art, though I often have them made into hand woven silk carpets where each pixel becomes a knot.

    This blog entry reminded me that I have to put my portfolio out there… Because I only have some pictured of the last exhibition I had in Istanbul. They might not have become viral on the internet, but they most certainly grabbed some attention in Turkey.

    • Laurens 07/04/2012, 12:23

      Hi Jorgen,

      Great Portfolio and love!
      Makes me realize that I have to visit Lebanon once.

      I’ll keep following you guys! Now I start working on my body, thasnk for the workshop! :-)

  • Jorgen Ekvoll 09/04/2012, 17:38


    Thanks! I like the simplicity of your blog, and the fact that you put in the time of your posts, not only dates. It shows that it’s active and ON! Good idea if you provide content frequently, because there are many blogs out there with outdated content!

    Thanks 😉

  • Jeff Downer indianapolis, IN 10/04/2012, 16:56

    Bhaaa! Now I can use my old CGA monitors.

    • Igor Beuker 12/04/2012, 21:24

      Coolio, I will get my Atari out of the basement!!

  • Debbs Hosting 12/05/2012, 10:48

    The thing is, me and my friend were just playing a DOS game about knights and kingdoms for the heck of it and the graphics were something that really cracked me up. And now I come across your post on this one. I think that despite the graphics of the sites, a lot of people will still sign up for a Twitter or Facebook account.