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23/04/2012 by

Infographic: Why CMOs Embrace Social Video?

This infographic shows how hard social video is booming; it represents more than half of the internet traffic today. By 2015 social video is predicted to have 90% of the entire Internet traffic.

Why Will CMOs Embrace Social Video?

As the traditional media and channels are becoming obsolete and more people use smart-phones and tablets, connected everywhere, CMOs need to catch up with this trend and move from push to pull model with social video that is engaging, likeable and sharable.

See the full infographic here…

With all the advantages of social video in terms of metrics, CMOs can leverage on the tangible results, calculate ROI and more importantly, with the right distribution, reach and engage the desired target audience around the whole world.

The question can be, how can you get all the metrics and find out what they mean? And now please forget about all the YouTube insights as social video is not YouTube only.

There are more than 500 video sites, global and local ones which should not be missed in detailed planning and taken into account when social media strategy is created.

How can marketers stay on top of all the numbers from several portals and measure the number of views, comments and social shares?

Yes, one way is to count these manually and set-up monitoring of the campaign and this is possible for small campaigns with one or two videos. But still, it can become a hassle and at the end the numbers might not be accurate. And CMOs don’t like inaccurate numbers and estimates.

With the help of video metrics tool ViralTracker we created the below infographic including real numbers from a case video – Smartwater with Jennifer Aniston that was tracked by ViralTracker for the last 12 months. Have a look at some very interesting results and insights on views, shares and most importantly – cost per view.

Click to enlarge: ViralTracker Infographic - Why Will CMOs Embrace Social Video?

As classic banners and pay per click campaigns are becoming less and less effective; unless you spend hundreds of thousands per month like (and even though it is not guaranteed that you get the best deal), social video will be continuously growing and so will be the number of Internet users worldwide. And more importantly – the spends and at the end the revenues.

Do you still have doubts about the social video? You should not. The more you wait the more time is given to your competitors, losing money and prospects.

And if your videos are already out there in the wild, are you sure you have all the data that are necessary and important for the marketing team?



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Comments (9)

  • Igor Beuker 23/04/2012, 17:11

    cool one,thanks for sharing.

  • Rudi de Groot 23/04/2012, 18:04

    Very interesting infographic, I will show it to our managing director!

  • Peter 23/04/2012, 18:25

    Wow,this will ‘save’ money. And smartly used even increase brandawareness.

    Martin, what does OEP mean?

    Best Regards.


    • Hi Peter,it stands for:
      Owned channels (website, facebook fan page,…)
      Earned channels (SMO/SEO,…)
      Paid channels (online campaign, ads, …)

      and instead of going the direction of paid channels/media first, it should be OEP…

      • Igor Beuker 24/04/2012, 00:46

        Looks like a “celeb” in your video could make it: O-E?

        If I look at the Jen sex tape, Smartwater saved itself a gazillion in Paid media?!

  • Bart 23/04/2012, 18:39

    Interesting numbers! It’s about time to replace the old push model. A leap forward to a more viewer centric era :) I love it!

    • Igor Beuker 24/04/2012, 00:42

      Hi Bart, do hope you are right. Would love that too..

      What do you think will be the biggest driver towards that viewer centric era? Social Tv, other big trends you expect?



      • Bart 24/04/2012, 09:38

        In many fields of practice there is a movement towards ‘people centric’ systems. Social TV is one of those trends, where a pull model is a successor to a push model.

        Further more, I believe the biggest challenge will be the change of TV distribution companies using the push model (up till now). To survive they need to offer both models to their viewers. The change to content creators in the push model (up till now) will be minimal, they will receive a lot of help / competition by the creating crowd, dependent on how they deal with it.

        Of couse the presentation to the viewer will be another very important driver for the success of social TV. The ease-of-use of equipment and accessibility of good content will both have an important role in this.

  • Jess Day 26/04/2012, 03:12

    The numbers are quite interesting but I am not surprised anymore and yes, I do agree that by 2015 or earlier than that they will lord over the online traffic. More people prefer videos and the numbers will increase each year, no doubt about it. Your sample case would probably encourage more people to do it.