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05/07/2010 by

Justin Bieber Latest Victim Of Social Media

Justin Bieber. I’d imagine that anyone, apart from maybe Bin Laden and other cave dwellers, will have heard of the squeeky voiced teen pop star sensation. He is quite literally everywhere and with over 3.4m Twitter followers and over 6 million Facebook fans he has to be the most popular 16 year old on the planet.

But whilst he has many, many fans online – there is also a large number of people who are growing tired of seeing his floppy hair and unstubbled chin everywhere they go online. And so we have another great example of online/social media activism.

The people from 4chan, a website notorious for starting many online memes such as Rickrolling and Lolcatz, decided to take matters into their own hands. Last month members of the website urged the online community at large to start searching Google for ‘Justin Bieber Syphilis” so it would enter Google Trend’s Hottest Searches list.

And they did not stop at this little bit of mischief – Justin Bieber’s crimes against music and the internet deserved to be punished further. His YouTube videos got spammed with porn, as did his profile. Rumours were started that he had died, his mom was about to get her clothes of for Playboy and in between this he had also decided to join a cult.

But they really decided to save the best for last. In attempt to make his tour schedule more inclusive it was decided that people could vote on his website in which country he should perform next. Perhaps naively, they forgot to add any limitations – meaning he could literally be send anywhere in the world.

Cue for the haters to create their piece de resistance – they started voting, they got their friends to vote and they even rigged the vote. So now Justin Bieber seems to have to prepare for a trip to North Korea. With internet access serverly restricted in North Korea it is unlikely it may have been a strong local fan base that could have pulled this off.

Let’s hope this will teach him a lesson and keep him from appearing on Twitter’s trending topics every 3 seconds.

Internet 1 Justin Bieber 0

Source: BBC


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