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28/02/2012 by

Pinterest For Business: Pin It To Win It

Like it or not, Pinterest is already a huge phenomenon, one of the fastest growing social networks. There has already been many superlatives, great articles describing it’s awesomeness, ease of use and so on.

Pinterest For Business: Pin It To Win It

And with all this potential, some brands are already present, trying what can be done, how to engage with the users and be among the early adopters of the platform.

Would like to present a short, easy to check statistics of Pinterest – who are the current users, what do they “look like” and also – why should you or your brand be on Pinterest and how should it be used. More importantly, it’s about the traffic to a website and it looks like that for a while Pinterest is going to be a great source.

Infographics: Pin It To Win It

Are you already on Pinterest? Do you perceive it to be so revolutionary and awesome or consider it “just another social network”? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: MDG Blog


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Martin Michalik
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Comments (14)

  • Tim 28/02/2012, 20:37

    This is a good article and I really appreciate the infographic from our friends at MDG. I wrote an article on Pinterest myself. You can see the URL for that one below. It’s a begninner’s guide to all that you need to know about Pinterest.

    • Hi Tim, thanks! Like your article too, nice examples and insights.

    • Tim 20/03/2012, 19:30

      Thanks! I am glad that you like the article too. I definitely think that Pinterest is going to be huge for certain industries.

  • Gregg Blanchard
    28/02/2012, 23:37

    I keep seeing these “Pinterest for Business” posts pop up but I keep finding myself at the same question: the Pinterest terms state that you cannot use Pinterest for commercial use, is everyone just ignoring that fact or am I missing something?

    • I partially agree, but in my opinion it’s about the approach – until brands don’t “force it” – not annoying the users, it may be fine. Have a look at e.g.

      However, now the question might be if it’s really useful as Volkswagen has only 17 followers at the moment.
      Will see if Pinterest will come up with a business model or brand pages later as Twitter did.

      • Gregg Blanchard
        29/02/2012, 16:15

        Martin, so you partially agree with Pinterest’s terms of service? My comment was a question of whether I am missing something when I read the TOS or if people are just ignoring the TOS when they create brand pages.

        • Sorry I did not clarify this – of course the terms of service have to be accepted, what I meant is that if you don’t breach them (as a brand) with e.g. competitions or so, it’s OK,(or should be). Moreover I think it’s a good move for brands to claim the page/account now, look around, put some (p)interesting pictures and see where it gets.

  • Suus
    29/02/2012, 11:55

    Well the funny part is that everybody is finding a way to use Pinterest! There is even an company who is finding a new Creative Director via pinterest :

  • Rudi de Groot 29/02/2012, 11:57

    Hi Martin, nice article. thanks for the insights!

  • Vera Oliveira
    29/02/2012, 13:01

    Hi Martin, great article and totally agree with you with the commercial use. Another interesting case, in my opinion,is

  • Igor Beuker 29/02/2012, 15:56

    I miss the round-up and summary for the CMO: should he consider it? Why or why not?

  • Ann 06/03/2012, 00:33

    I have attached some URLs to some of my Pinterest pictures and to one particular board. I’m not really reaching for sales, just backlinks. Comments?

  • Craig Desmarais 15/03/2012, 21:50

    I will be sure to try these tactics out. Hopefully we will see an increase in the male demographic in the coming days.