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27/11/2012 by

The 4 Social Consumer Segments CMOs Should Watch?

Social marketing is maturing, but many CMOs are still not sure how to develop true relationships with customers and prospects. Insighs from these 4 consumer segments will certainly help them.

fashionista professionals

Also media agencies have noticed a disconnect, between consumer reach provided by paid social media and actual, quantifiable customer acquisition and return on investment. But not found a solution yet.

Maybe marketing strategists can help help, by taking the actionable insights provided by the interesting reserach of The Incyte Group?

This study, summarized in below infographic, provides unprecedented insights into 4 major consumer segments that are researching your brand online. More importantly, the best ways how CMOs can reach them, and pull them gently through their funnels.


My Opinion?
The implications of the findings are not a one size fits all solution for social engagement. Rather, the research provides actionable insights into 4 consumer segments that can have a major impact on your social strategy. If you understand what motivates them. And, if you have a social strategy.

Reaching consumers by paid social media? That has never been a true insight driven solution. Certainly not to the many brands out there that have jumped into social media without any marketing insights. Reach is made up by media agencies, to quantify your media spend.

I am talking about the brands that chase the channels based on reach. But reaching consumers has never been a marketing objective and has nothing to do with social marketing or consumer motivations. Just hunting for reach in social media, is one of the biggest mistakes out there.

That’s why I feel that CMOs should go back to social marketing strategists. They are able to understand the insights, about what is really driving consumers. And why these consumers are being part of social media.

These insights might lead them towards a new social marketing strategy. Maybe even differentiated social strategies for the many brands that are targeting more than one consumer segment. Uh, almost every brand on this planet?!

What About You?
Who will bring CMOs the needed solutions? They might love to read your opinion in the comments below.

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Source: get satisfaction and social media max.


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