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01/05/2012 by

The Rise Of The Visual Social Networks (Infographic)

The rise of the visual social networks? People mostly perceive with sight and it should not be a surprise that it’s images and visuals that grab the attention. And when people see something nice they want to share.

The Rise Of The Visual Social Networks

In terms of social media and social networks we see that the trend is to”go visual” and simple. That’s also the cause of Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter where users share visual information – photos, pictures and videos.

Why should brands and CMOs care about this phenomenon?

I came across the following infographic The Rise Of The Visual Social Networks, as during the last year social networks became even more oriented toward visual elements.

This infographic explains this phenomenon and highlights facts of new Facebook time-line, twitpic and more.

More importantly, it shows why should brands and CMOs care and focus on the visual elements.

Mostly because visuals lead to increased engagement and generate more referral traffic. So it’s a wise decision to invest in visuals, show “personality” of the brand and with crowdsourcing gives the “power to the people”.

Click to enlarge: Infographic - The Rise of the Visual Social Networks

What About You?

How do you use various visual social networks for your business or clients?




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Comments (2)

  • Igor Beuker 03/05/2012, 12:22

    Think brands should focus at their story, how to be relevant or fun .. focus at content and focus at channels that will help to achieve their brand and business objectives..

    Using social channels based on reach: old skool media tactics. Social marketing goes beyond opening up all kinds of social channels without having a clue what to do there..


  • Ozio Media 07/05/2012, 17:38

    Social media is perfect for this sort of image based marketing. A good picture can convey as much of a message as paragraphs of text but the image can be taken in at a glance, which is the attention span that most people bring to social media sites. It is the pictorial simplicity of Pinterest that has made it popular.