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26/12/2012 by

Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

It was again a hectic year in social media for users and  brands. And here at ViralBlog we tried to keep you updated as much as possible.

Top 12 ViralBlog posts of 2012 500x278 Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

We published more than 350 articles on ViralBlog in 2012, we bring you bring you the top 12 of 2012 that you simply have to read…

You may not be able to go through all of them at once, but these are the most read posts of 2012 on ViralBlog that should not be missed.  Let us know your opinion in the comments, looking forward to read them!


PSY Gangnam Style: Viral Culthit Of 2012?

Psy gangnam style Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

Viral culthit Gangnam Style is an uncool video clip that seems to be on steroids. The video clip, created by the unknown artist and rapper PSY, was watched over 62 million times in 6 weeks and was growing by 4 million views a day. A few days ago it surpassed one billion views…Hail to the new YouTube king!


50 Examples: Brands Thanking Facebook Fans

facebook like ice vb Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

Facebook, the social network juggernaut that amassed almost 1 billion active members, introduced Facebook (fan) pages in November 2007 as a way for businesses, organizations and bands/artists of many types to easily establish a brand presence on Facebook and build an audience of fans.


Ronaldo vs Messi Becomes Viral Hit On Social

hoofd Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

On the day that over a million Bayer Munich fans applied for a ticket to the Champions Leaugue final, the viral hit on Twitter and Facebook is not about Chelsea, Bayer or the final, but about tons of Ronaldo vs Messi jokes.


11 Incredible Mobile Marketing Statistics

11 Incredible Mobile Marketing Statistics Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

Mobile marketing is changing the way marketers, brands, agencies and consumers think about marketing. Smart phones have changed the dynamic forever. No matter whether marketers care about social media, local marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, phone calls or web traffic — mobile marketing is changing them all. If you don’t believe that mobile is changing marketing forever…you’re wrong.


Boobstagram: The Instagram Of Boobs

Screen shot 2012 05 15 at 12.52.39 PM Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

Creative concepts with the objective to raise awareness around Breast Cancer are always interesting, not just only for the good cause. Normally October is the month when these concepts pop-up on the net. But thanks to the efforts of two Frenchmen, awareness of the cause is coming throughout the whole year. In October 2011, the two created this super simple Tumblr website filled with Instagram boob shots: Boobstagram. It’s all becoming much clearer to me now why Facebook bought Instagram…


The Guide To 88 Social Media & Monitoring Tools

tools Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

#8 might be your lucky number today. SocialMedia8 was willing to share 88 of the 888 social media and social monitoring tools they have mapped. I hope they will offer you powerful analytics and actionable insights. The part that you will need to add during your selection process is the brand and business objectives you are trying to achieve, since that will lead you to the best tool matchmaking…


Guess Who Are In These Lego Print Ads?

lego4 0 Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

Lego has been covered at ViralBlog several times. Mostly for injecting stunning new innovations to its products and advertising. This time Lego has earned our attention with very clever print ads. Can you guess who are in these ads? A small hint? The ads feature popular cartoon characters. How about Asterix & Obelix, Bert & Ernie and many more…


Toilet Talk: Cell Phone Usage In Restrooms

toilet talk e1348842872746 Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

As it is easy going Saturday, we decided to have a look at something not that serious, but also a habit some of us have: use a cell phone while in a restroom. We’ve all been there, you’ve eaten a bit too much of your grandmother’s famous southern fried chicken salad and find yourself trapped between the confines of a public place and the forces of nature.


‘R.I.P Morgan Freeman’

morgan freeman god Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

‘At about 5 p.m. ET, our beloved actor Morgan Freeman passed away due to a artery rupture. Morgan was born on June 1, 1937. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.’  But please, don’t take these phrases and this Facebook page serious. This Hollywood Icon is alive and kicking. Another great example of the power of social media or a sick hoax?


Why Mario Balotelli Is The King Of Buzz?

The+madness+of+Balotelli Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

You love him or you hate him: Italian striker Mario Balotelli. His amazing goals during EURO 2012 created a tipping point for this extravagant rock star. See what brands can learn from him, and discover why Balotelli is the king of buzz… Nike Football sure has vision when it comes to contracting amazing players and they embraced Balotelli. Could Super Mario become the next Eric Cantona or Dennis Rodman?


Infographic: You Waste A LOT Of Time At Work

You Waste A Lot Of Time At Work title e1346946843157 Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

There are many disturbances that keep your focus away – noisy colleagues, excessive number of emails, meetings and much more. How do you spend your day at work? Really working full time all the time? But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Want to know which are the most time-consuming activities that keep you away from your daily tasks?


Can You Talk the CEO Into Doing Social Media?

Can You Talk the CEO Into Doing Social Media Top 12 ViralBlog Posts Of 2012

You are the chief marketing officer at your company and you have to approach the big man or woman about trying something out. The goal, to get them to sign off on putting major time and effort into a social media campaign.


Thanks for all the tweets, shares, likes and comments! Which articles would you nominate in the top 12?

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Comments (1)

  • Laurens Bianchi 27/12/2012, 14:36

    Woohoo! Great to see my ‘Boob Story’ made the top 12!

    Happy New Year to all!