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13/09/2012 by

What Is ‘Integrated Advertising’?

You can spend thousands and thousands on a marketing campaign, at each and every touch-point in an effort to succeed, but that could not ensure it will be a successful one.

What is Integrated Advertising?

And as consumers are daily bombarded by thousands of ads, they also found a way how to avoid or ignore them. What is important and how  to engage with consumers? Is it the creative part of the ad that matters the most? Or a great copy? Or something else?

It has been said (or written) many times before, but it’s important to mention it again:

Nowadays brands have to engage with consumers rather than just to advertise to them.

There are many touch-points and many media types in the mix what can, with a simple logic, mean – more media/touch-points equals more money spent on the campaign. But this is not always true. And should not be.

It’s more about integrated marketing/advertising. Thinking about what can be achieved on a (tight) budget, selecting the right places and media channels. What also matters? The big idea which is the center of it.

And BR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv explains it all very well here.

So what is ‘Integrated Advertising’?

So in order to create a truly integrated approach with the big idea, all the departments need to be involved since the very beginning of the process. What’s your opinion on integrated advertising? What pro’s and cons do you see in it?




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Comments (2)

  • peter 14/09/2012, 08:32

    Hi Martin,

    Great explanation and integrated advertising;-).
    I do think it has to work like that.
    The challenge indeed is to have all partners aligned . And keep disruptive and adaptive thinking as part of the continious brand proces..

  • Mark 14/09/2012, 10:30

    “So in order to create a truly integrated approach with the big idea, all the departments need to be involved since the very beginning of the process.”

    I think that this could work really well, because since all of the departments will be involved a really great idea of advertising might evolve.