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29/06/2012 by

Why Kotex Pinterest Campaign Is Smart?

Mood and motion mood board Pinterest is a rather new social network that is used by very few brands. But learn here why the new Kotex women’s inspiration day Pinterest campaign is smart?

Israeli creative agency Smoyz combined mutual beneficial relationships between women and the Kotex brand, buzz and advocacy. Not only on Pinterest, but also on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And here are some of the results: total Kotex kits sent 50. Total interactions 2,284. Total impressions 694,853. Massive buzz and sharing and massive increase in SEO + SMO.

What else should CMOs know about Pinterest? That the targets using Pinterest per market differs incredibly per market. And that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing “social” networks around.

Maybe more important than aiming for additional reach, because less might be more at Pinterest. And what is wrong with quality and ROI?

Pinterest is the first social network that’s delivering not only lots of traffic but also real revenue and lots of new customers. At least if we might believe this data provided by marketing company Converto.

Below some data I found at VentureBeat.

What does above graph tell you? That Pinterest is the fastest growing social media traffic source for e-commerce websites in terms of revenue.

The study that Converto conducted across 40 of their clients (most top 500 internet retailers) showed that in Q2 2011 Pinterest represented 1.2% of social media revenue for e-commerce sites.

It now represents 17.4% and is quickly gaining on facebook. Of course Pinterest is not as big as Facebook, but Coverto’s projection tells us that Pinterest will be responsible for 40% of social media e-commerce transactions by the end of Q2 2012, reducing facebook’s share to slightly under 60%, from 86% a year ago.

Now do believe me, I’m stating at almost every event as keynote: don’t chase social channels like race dogs on steroids. It’s not a race!

Social should have a serious contribution to the CMOs brand and business objectives, and I do believe in social by design brands, which use social media as listening, dialogue, innovation and relationship facilitator.

And if you add channels to your social media strategy, first look at the specific strenghts and weaknesses per channel. Use the CMO social landscape guide 2012 for example.

And remember, content is king, distribution is queen and metrics is the emperor. So what’s your long term topic and content? What content will you use for which channel? How will you manage content, curate it and who will manage your social interactions?

All relevant questions before you jump into social media and start opening channels without a strategic plan. Smart marketers have investigated the sentiment around their brand (and their competitors) with social monitoring, before they jump in.

Compare it with the 4 star general at a large army: don’t invade without superb intel!

If you are inspired and ready, you could investigate Pinterest. It’s a clever, simple and fun platform.

How do you rate this Kotex campaign? What other great branded Pinterest examples are you excited about?

Source: VentureBeat


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