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Keynote Speaker & Host Igor Beuker

Described by audiences as “Burning Man Meets TED.”

In the spotlights, Igor Beuker is a renowned professional keynote speaker and host who appears on countless television and radio shows as an independent expert voice on emerging trends in marketing, media and innovation.

After 1,000+ talks for leading brands and events, he jumped from the podium to the television screen. He still speaks 150 times per year.
Never the same talk twice. Always customized for your specific audience.


Keynote Speaker_Igor Beuker_ Live on stage

At conferences and on Twitter, he is frequently a trending topic as ‘Math Man in a world of Mad Men’.
Audiences love his authentic, bold, charismatic and witty personality. Igor gets rave reviews and

Behind the scenes, Igor is an award-winning marketing and business strategist for global brands like Nike, Amazon, L’Oréal and Unilever, new-breed trendwatcher for several Fortune 500s, serial entrepreneur with multiple exits on his belt, and start-up investor.

Besides being a guest teacher at universities, he delivers a series of game-changing marketing master classes and he is a board member at revolutionary retail, tech and media firms.

Unlike many speakers or best-selling authors, Igor doesn’t just speak or write about trends, he coins them.
Audiences respect his track record as an influential marketer and entrepreneur.

Want to spice up your next conference and excite your audience with an inspiring, influential and entertaining speaker?

Request Igor’s availability and rates using our booking form.

Why conference planners love to work with Igor?

As passionate professional speaker Igor is a conference planner’s ally, who truly understands that their reputation is riding on his performance.

What sets Igor apart in the world of speakers and best-selling authors is his talent for bold forward thinking. Unlike many other speakers, Igor is a brand and business builder with multiple exits on his black belt.

Audiences love to look at the trends through his math man lens.

See Igor in action as keynote speaker

Igor combines high energy and award-winning expertise to fire up a passion for change that will make your event unforgettable. See some keynote highlights here:




What roles does Igor play on the podium?

Igor has been an independent professional public speaker for 15 years, in which he delivered 1,000+ passionate podium performances.

He gets hired for keynote speeches, fireside chats with Q&A, panel debates, webinars and as host of the show.

What are Igor’s topics of expertise?

He speaks about emerging trends in marketing, media, trend-driven innovation, and of course digital transformation.

The unique blend of corporate and street smart makes Igor an authority with a sixth sense for digital and disruptive new business models.

For which industries does Igor speak?

Igor worked as a global strategy officer at WPP, for leading brands in almost every industry.

Trust us, this digital aka third industrial revolution is causing major disruption for brands in all industries, across all markets. As speaker and trendwatcher, Igor covers all industries.

Spice up your next conference

Want to spice up your next conference and excite your audience with an independent, inspiring and entertaining speaker? Check Igor’s official website.

Igor Beuker in the Media or on Your Show

Frequently sourced by the media my broad appeal ranges from interviews in The New York Times to talk show appearances on CNN and columns for many business magazines.

Public Speakers Igor Beuker & Humberto Tan for Audi

Keynote Speaker Igor Beuker & Humberto Tan on stage for Audi

Igor has been described as “new breed of trendwatcher” by Bloomberg TV, “walking marketing Wikipedia” by Global TV, “futurist with a vision” by The Guardian and “the rockstar of marketing speakers” by Speakers Academy.

Want his independent expert voice on your show? Invite Igor.

Find more details on his official website or join Igor Beuker on Twitter.

Specific Event Date: Notify us as early as possible

With over 100 international public speaking engagements per year, Igor’s travel schedule is pretty hectic. If you have your event date(s) ready please notify us as early as possible to check Igor’s availability.