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09/01/2014 by

FC Barcelona Becomes First Team To Reach 50M Facebook Likes

FC Barcelona now has more than 50 million Facebook fans, thus consolidating its position as the leading sports club.


The Club gained a further 11 million fans in 2013 with plenty of innovative actions for its worldwide support base.

Dídac Lee, the director responsible for new technologies, said:

 “it is an honor and a responsibility to reach this figure, which is further proof that we are the most loved sports team in the world”

In the last two years, FC Barcelona’s work has been recognized internationally in the form of such accolades as the Social Star Awards, presented to the most influential organizations and people in each sector.

Facebook has become one of the most important instruments used by the club to keep its fans informed.

The regular publication of new content, including posts containing videos and photos, has kept users constantly up to date with what is happening at the club.

The foreign countries with the highest number of fans are Indonesia (4.7 million), Mexico (3.4 million) and Brazil (2.5 million).

Remarkably the city with the most fans is Cairo, not even the city of Barcelona.


The FC Barcelona page is now also one of the 30 most popular Facebook pages in the world.

In 2013FC Barcelona consolidated this position by gaining an additional 11 million fans.

The post at the end of the incredible comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League was the most ‘liked’ in the history of the fan-page, with half a million people clicking the button, 3.2 million people making comments and generating 10 million new fans of the page.


Other than high numbers, the other important factor is the importance of the service, including the historic opportunity for supporters all around the world to interact in real time with Cesc Fàbregas in a Q&A session.

Not just on Facebook, but in the club’s whole 2.0 presence, Barça gained 32 million new fans on social networks last year, which amounts to an incredible one new fan every second.

The succes is amazing, but also brings a big responsibility, according to Dídac Lee, the director responsible for New Technologies:

“being the top sports club in the world by reaching 50 million worldwide fans on Facebook is an honor and at the same time a responsibility to our supporters …

We are grateful to them all, it is them who have made this possible …

Barça is the most loved club in the world and this is further proof of that.”

Barça released the video to thank all their 50 million fans:

YouTube Preview Image

My opinion?

FC Barcelona is definitely one of the best engaging sport clubs towards fans when it comes to online, social and mobile.

Barça is now the worldwide leader in terms of sports teams, with more followers than any other club or franchise on the planet.

For me they very inspirational, on the pitch and digitally.

What I really want to know is what the ROI on gaining these 50 million fans is.

In terms of reach and converting these eyeballs towards ticket sales, merchandising, etc.

What about you?

What is your opinion on FC Barcelona’s digital efforts?

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About the Author
Laurens Bianchi is an independent online (sport) marketing professional from the Netherlands and has been blogging on ViralBlog since 2008. Currently Laurens is also the Social Media Consultant for the Royal Dutch Football Association. Follow him on Twitter or contact him on LinkedIn.



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