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30/01/2013 by

Will You Be Sports Betting Via Mobile? A Look At The Options

Individuals accomplish everything from sharing family photos to shopping via their mobile phones; it was only a matter of time before sports betting aficionados could make their wagers using the same method.

Will You Be Sports Betting Via Mobile? A Look At The Options

One thing is certain, smartphone technology will only continue to grow as the demand for better, faster technology continues.

Not only can they bet online, they can check the balance of their accounts, look through betting lines and take advantage of limited time opportunities at their favorite online casinos.

Most phones are programmed to be able to work with two different types of apps, native betting apps and web apps.

Native betting apps are those that are downloaded from the App Store or App World depending on which phone manufacture you prefer. Web apps are mobile sites that were created to be able to function with your phone.

And unlike the US law, you are allowed to send payments for online gambling through your phone in the UK, which makes mobile betting even more convenient. If you plan to make wagers using your own mobile phone, you have several different options you can take advantage of.

Here is my list of the big dogs of the mobile industry:

Apple iPhone

Will You Be Sports Betting Via Mobile? A Look At The Options

If you carry an iPhone, you’ll be happy to know that it works perfectly for sports betting. With Apple’s larger display screens and fast load times, it’s easy for you to view odds and options quickly without a problem.

Plus, you can make wagers quickly with the touch screen. This makes it simple to wager no matter where you are: whether you’re driving, enjoying a night out with the family or partaking in a favorite hobby.

With the iPhone, you can bet in much the same way as you would from your computer at home, and it’s just as easy.


Will You Be Sports Betting Via Mobile? A Look At The Options

Blackberry phones are also compatible with most sports betting websites and online casinos. Although any type of Blackberry works for this purpose, the phones that are on schedule to be released in 2013 should make the process even easier and more convenient.

Fuller screens, and better integration with the iPhone and Android market should make Blackberry users very happy.

This is especially true if the phones are being used for purposes like sports betting.



Android mobile phones also boast compatibility with most sports betting websites and casinos. This is great news for die-hard Android fans that also love to wager now and then.

With larger displays and the convenient touch screen, betting is quick and easy.

Fast connections and fewer dropped signals make it a sound choice for betting without worrying about missing an opportunity.


Will You Be Sports Betting Via Mobile? A Look At The Options

Another great option for mobile sports betting is the iPad. The huge display screen makes it super easy to view betting lines.

Plus, it also features that convenient touch screen which makes betting a breeze. It’s a perfect choice if you’re the type who wants to read through the content thoroughly before betting as well.

And, you can switch back and forth between your sports betting website and other tasks quickly and easily.

My Opinion?

Mobile betting is growing at an exceptional rate; in fact experts believe that wagers made through a mobile device will reach 35 billion by 2015.

So if you’re a fan of online casinos, mobile sports betting are going to go over very well with you. Casinos like Spin Palace have typically made their websites and the betting process compatible with each of these types of mobile phones.

Just a few advantages include being able to bet no matter where you are, enjoying the convenience of the process, and not missing any fantastic opportunities.

In any case, sports betting are sure to become more and more popular over the next few years.

And no need to worry about safety, all of your data is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and various security licenses’.

What About You?

Are you ready to do sports betting on your mobile? What trends do you expect in sports betting? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments below.

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About the Author

Kristina Jackson is a recent college graduate and a freelance writer. Currently, she is working hard in the hopes of one day having her own highly rated technology, news and media blog.


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Comments (5)

  • Igor Beuker 30/01/2013, 21:29

    Cool insights, bet you will, have your own blog soon enough!

    This market will be so huge and once the legal laws go from black to grey to white, online/ mobile betting will be massive.

    And I will bet all my money on this: the web and 2.0 betting companies will change the rules in the marketplace, vaporizing the traditional betting firms.

    We have worked for traditional betting firms in the past, so much legacy and old skool DNA in their companies, will take a decade to change that. Old skoold players with old skool Paid media plans only.

    Not investing in the(ir) future, social CRM, web, mobile, technology etc

    The battle is already over…


  • Kristina Jackson 30/01/2013, 22:13

    Thanks for the support Igor, you have a great site.

    • Igor Beuker 30/01/2013, 22:16

      Very welcome, just keep blogging here for a while before you start your own!

      If you start your own, we are happy to do a guest story for you…


  • Laurens Bianchi 31/01/2013, 13:30

    When I bet on football games, I always use the mobile Unibet website. Not always very user friendly, but they are getting better at it..

    This is an intersting app: Sidebet hThey call it a Social BETworking solution: bet among friends, wthout a bookie like Unibet or Betclic.

    • Igor Beuker 31/01/2013, 16:03

      I do too!!

      But what I like about mobile sports betting: if one of my predictions before “the weekend” or game are wrong, mobile betting enbales me to bet again in the weekend or even during a tournament or game!!

      So that’s why I like mobile betting so much: “hands-on” real-time shizzle :-)