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04/07/2013 by

Fliike: The First Ever Facebook Fan Counter

French startup Smiirl has just released Fliike, a Facebook “like” counter that businesses can display to show off how popular they are on the social network.


According to Smiirl, Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or “Like”) counter specially designed for local businesses and public places. Or as they say: digitalisation of shops for everyone!

Fliike goes up to 100,000 though if you have more likes than that you can custom order a special version.

When you put the counter on your bar or wherever else you want to display it, you can use a laptop or other device to hook up to Smiirl’s Wi-Fi, which will appear once the counter is connected to a device.

Then you log on to the Wi-Fi, go to Smiirl’s website, and follow the directions to link your Facebook account to the physical counter.

See a short promo video of the product here:

My Opinion
Last official Facebook numbers show that today 16 million local businesses opened a Facebook page. This represents an increase of 100 % since last year (official Facebook figures).

The main problem with these web services is that it is difficult to see the link between their digital existence and their day-to-day activity.

This product provides connected “things” to these businesses in order to shorten the link between their physical walls and their digital profiles. So therefore I really like it!

First shipments will be done in November 2013. If you’re interested in buying the product, check out the website here.

What About You?
Do you like the product? And what about the price, do you think it’s worth $390?

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About the Author
Laurens Bianchi is an independent online marketing professional from the Netherlands and has been blogging on ViralBlog since 2008. Currently Laurens is also the Social Media Consultant for the Royal Dutch Football Association.


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Comments (4)

  • Igor Beuker 04/07/2013, 18:01

    Very clever to bridge it with retail… Hopefully Facebook is finally going to deploy a true See, Like, Buy engine in its platform.

    I feel that Facebook is not innovatying enough for years now. Where is Facebook TV? Where is the F-commerce platform?

  • Gaines&Co. Gaines&Co.
    14/07/2013, 08:35

    I think it is a very interesting approach to a stealth guerilla-marketing campaign. I might like a Facebook Page just to see the clicker change while I am standing there. Otherwise, I think brands have become brainwashed by likes, rather than focusing on creating a strongly established community.

    Great article though! Love this blog.

    • Laurens Bianchi
      14/07/2013, 10:19

      Thanks for the comment and your support!

    • Igor Beuker 17/07/2013, 02:01

      Agree with you, thanks for sharing. Especially the brainwash part is so true!

      Hope to see you back here!