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17/11/2012 by

Start-up Stories: A New Category On ViralBlog

In this category you will get unlimited inspiration and insights on hot new start-ups operating on web, mobile, new media, technology and singularity.

In a fixed format we will cover hot new start-ups and interview their founders about their passions, purposes and beliefs. Of course we will also ask them about their expectations and ambitions.

In organic ways we will seed and grow this category to make it interesting to people with disruptive innovative ideas that ready to change the rules in the marketplace.

Are you a potential new start-ups, angel investor, informal investor, accelerator, venture incubator or VC? Stay tuned to this category and subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter.

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If you are an accelerator, venture incubator or VC and you want to share your experience with start-ups, connect to us.

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