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23/10/2012 by

Starbucks Tata JV India: No Rules, But Values

Starbucks launched its first store in India. Here you can see the interview with Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata and Howard Schultz, CEO at Starbucks. Learn about the success mantra for the Indian market and No Rules, But Values.

YouTube Preview Image

I always tend to use: Big, is only good when smart. So I was lucky that one of our readers shared this interview.

Tata with 400,000 employees and Starbucks with 200,000 do trickle core values from the top.

If you liked above short version of the interview, I can promise you: You just might like the longer version even better. To get you warmed up, here a short summary of what topics you can expect:

– Creating a mantra is not just sticking banners on the wall.
– HR plays a crucial role in the company’s DNA and success.
– Modelling the right behaviour is valued as much as profitability.
– We believe company DNA and values offers long term value for our shareholders.
– Employees are not seeking high salaries, but a company they value and trust.
– Bribing and corruption is no pre-requisite for success.
– Internet and social media make everything a company does transparent.
– More insights about leading by example.

See the long version of the very inspiring the interview by NDTV here.

My opinion?
Our editors have a passion for disruptive powers, forces that can break through conventions. We are about trends, not just news. We share our opinions: our subjective beliefs that are a result of our experiences, skills, emotions or our interpretations of facts.

Being a fan of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, see his Ted talk. His talk might inspire you as well.

I have worked at several listed companies that liked to talk about what they do. But growth and profit are a result, not a why. Ask around why your employees get out of bed every morning?

More companies seem to talk about how they do it. Frankly, do we really care?

Some companies tend to talk about Why They Do It. About why they exist, about their purpose and belief. If it’s authentic and trickled from the top, I do believe that these companies are the ones of the future.

Companies that are modelling the right behaviour and value that as much as short term targets and profitability, those are the companies that will offer long term value to shareholders.

Now maybe it’s my midlife, since I became 42 years old this spring? But my former CEO called me a “die-hard conversionist”, always looking for smarter, more accountable marketing solutions and ROI.

But I can get really grumpy when my C-level peers start telling me: “Igor, your approach will not work here, believe me I have been at this company for over 5 years, we are too big”.

More often my reaction is: “Big is only good when smart, and if Starbucks and Tata with 200,000 and 400,000 employees can lead by example, why can’t we?”

One of my favourite David Ogilvy quotes is: “Set your sights! Blaze new trails! Compete with the immortals!” I do believe that if people aren’t approaching challenges with reality and vigour, then they should go find another job.

Maybe they have been protecting this companies’ culture and legacy for too long already. Time to show some more willingness to leave the comfort zone of the status quo?

I feel that many job recruitment firms and HR divisions’ at large brands are making one big mistake. They are putting all their efforts into matching people with job descriptions.

They could and should be putting much more effort into matching like-minded DNA and values between people and companies.

So if you are looking for a new challenge, try to look beyond the job description and seek like-minded values in your next company.

What About You?
I would love to hear your thoughts on Starbucks or company DNA related to social media. Please share them in the comments below.

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