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20/11/2007 by

OfficeMax Relaunches Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself will return in 2009. Read all about it!

Last month we announced the popular holiday viral of OfficeMax would return any time soon. The wait is over! One of the most popular holiday websites from last year has launched again! This time you can upload a headshot of yourself and three other friends or members of your family. The faces are then transplanted onto the bodies of a troupe of festively dressed dancing elves.

Elf Yourself 2.0

Last year the holiday themed viral microsite helped contribute to a 20% increase in holiday traffic to OfficeMax’s website. The microsite received over 36 million hits (according to AdAge) in just five weeks, beating Burger King’s Subservient Chicken (19 million in one year) and CareerBuilder’s Monk-E-mail (9 million in eight months) both of which are continuously held up as the benchmark for viral success.

JibJabbin’ also notes with support of a graph that received more traffic in 2006 than popular holiday destinations Hallmark and American Greetings. So go on, start the Elfamorphosis, and spread this fun and hilarious ‘gift’ to friends, family, co-workers, your boss or any other person who needs a holiday cheer!

Sources: Kris Abel, Catch Up Lady, Joey Interactive


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Paul van Veenendaal

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Comments (40)

  • iJane 02/12/2007, 17:38

    I did this with my family and sent it to all other family but nobody can load it. I recieved one and I can no longer load it to view. Is there a problem? Jane

    • jon
      21/12/2008, 13:11

      yeah elf yourself seems to take longer to use every year. found this this year instead- you make your own queen’s speech by putting words in a teleprompter and the queen reads them out, lots of opportunity to make her say dirty things about riding on the throne.

      (sorry for repost, link didnt work)

    • Jennabel 25/09/2011, 07:07

      You get a lot of rpeesct from me for writing these helpful articles.

  • Frankie
    06/12/2007, 12:16

    I did this with pics of my dogs and sent it to all my family, only one person has been able to load it, and now I can no longer load it to view. What’s the problem? Frankie

  • Kathy 07/12/2007, 16:22

    It is a cute and creative idea, but forget about sending it to others. It either will not go thru or is not received on other end. After endless tries, we just play with it on our computer and don’t try to forward it to friends and family.

  • Lyn 09/12/2007, 01:12

    It’s fun at first but very frustrating after uploading pictures 5 different times only to lose them every time you try to send them.. I rec’d one from my cousin and hers works great but I can’t even save to my computer goes back to the original..Has anyone figured out why this isn’t working yet? Would love to send these out to friends and family..really funny idea if it worked..

  • Promomagazine:

    As of yesterday, more than 38.7 million elves had been created with more than 58 million people having visited the site. Visitors spend an average of seven minutes interacting with the microsite, Office Max said.

    “It’s taken on an even bigger life than it did last year,” Bob Thacker, senior vice president, marketing and advertising for Office Max, Inc. said.

    The campaign runs through early January. Online marketing and in-store flyers are promoting the campaign. Toy and EVB handle the campaign for Office Max.

    • Consuella Mackey 26/12/2010, 16:27

      I puchased a Elf Christmas Video and have not been able to enjoy the tape. I do not know how to send, because when emailing the link it brings you back to your ad and after posting it onto my facebook to about 20 other friends neither of us are able to view the tape. Very disappointed.

  • Rachel Clacher
    12/12/2007, 22:38

    There are five in our family and we want to elf ourselves. Can you help????

    • poo
      17/12/2008, 21:24

      i think dis website iz a scam poo poo poo

  • Idetrorce
    15/12/2007, 12:19

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • emily
    15/12/2007, 13:25

    At first i thought it was funny but i tried it arfter i had sent and it didn’t load why?!

  • emily
    15/12/2007, 13:26

    I’m so angry!!!!

  • emily
    15/12/2007, 13:27

    is there anyway to help if so please tell me

  • Emily @ hadleigh junior
    15/12/2007, 13:31

    i saw sombody do it to my head teacher so i thorght i sould give a try at home but the same thing happend to me as the person above what to do? what to do?

  • Gino
    18/12/2007, 17:37

    Uploaded my family and sent it out to all my friends and everyone received it.Worked great for me.

  • Arlene Krasner
    20/12/2007, 21:38

    I called the phone number to speak (elf) and entered the code given which is 1619-4804-92 and your voice mail kept coming up “code is incorrect” I called several times and repeated the code given and it still came up “incorrect, try again!” What’s wrong. Would someone pls get back to me asap. (818) 342-7584 Thank you, Arlene Krasner

  • Falona
    22/12/2007, 21:49

    My friend sent one to me. VERY FUNNY! I was able to load hers with absolutely no problem. Needless to say from all the negative feed back I’ve been hearing about elfyourself, it wouldn’t upload my pics. I have been trying for days. This is very very frustrating.

  • This morning an employee at Zicht got to see the following screen “Elves on Strike“, when visiting Elfyourself. Negotiations have been settled, and is back in the air.

  • cheryl
    24/12/2007, 02:41

    Site does not work. Unfortunately, after uploading photos, it will not send. Cute site, right idea, but does not function.

  • Jay Giuffrida
    27/12/2007, 19:58

    very cute idea but after you upload the pictures and view them you cannot view them again and anyone you send them to cannot view them

  • christine reckah
    28/12/2007, 03:51

    it took 3 tries before it did the final load for me, not sure… possibly high traffic volume? Did get a bit frustrated at the labour involved, but so desperately wanted to do it as it was way too funny to see other family members doing it. 4th try, it worked fine, and had no problem viewing it nor did others I sent it to… Seems to be a flukey thing if it works; just glad it did for me, finally! wheeeeeeee

  • Yellowscarf
    03/01/2008, 22:17

    As of Jan 3rd, GoElfYouself is offline. The problems with uploading are typically user error. Having the correct file size (no larger than 2MB) and format (.jpg, .gif, etc.) is the usual problem. Then when you save the Elf production, it copies a link to your clipboard which you must paste into an email to send to friends. Failure to paste this link to an email is a huge problem for those who think they are able to send through the website. You can’t! On the flip side, once a proper link is sent, it may take a while for the ElfYourself video to load. This may be a problem with the receiver’s connection speed or website bandwidth. Many people are using the site when it’s active. The key is to be patient when waiting for the video to load and you may have to “refresh” or “reload” if it hangs while loading.

    Anyway you’ll have to wait ’til next year to try these tips as the “Elves are gone for now.”

  • Tank 13/01/2008, 06:36

    they take the damn site down after xmas so u can no longer load it

  • E-line 04/02/2008, 09:35
  • Robin 31/05/2008, 16:41

    There both funny :)

  • P
    24/11/2008, 06:47

    sucks now!login now to be spammed and your friends to,don,t do it!

  • Denise
    25/11/2008, 03:36

    I have made quite a few for family and friends and they all worked out very well…but it took quite a while to make them work…I don’t know if the delay was caused by the Internet server or the Flash was frustrating sometimes. But I still think they are a lot of fun. Keep them going. It is the second year that I have made them up.

  • T
    03/12/2008, 09:08

    Last year it worked fine. This year it took me about an hour and a half to download th pics and then when I downloaded the dance after 15 minutes it went back to the homepage and I lost all of the pics. Bad experience. There are other sites out there that are free and they work

  • shannon
    11/12/2008, 15:24

    Elfyoursel sucks this year. You cannot call in and make the elves say what you want. I think this was the only feature that made the site fun. I am so disappointed at the boneheads who thought it would be a good idea to take the feature away. I never use it now. Last year I elfedmyself everyday.

  • Jamie
    11/12/2008, 22:17

    I elfed all my kids last year and it was great fun! But, this year I have tried for 3 hours with no success. I keep getting errors. Why are so many people having trouble? I am disappointed that it has been so difficult!

  • greg
    30/12/2008, 16:53

    I can’t even get the thing up because it keeps telling me i dont have a Flash Player…. after I have loaded one several times.

  • kathryn 02/01/2009, 01:36

    hehehe im joking there is no web site

  • yessneaker 29/07/2009, 13:24

    so now i can enjoy this way freely during big time~no worry about the jams happened last year!

  • jordan
    27/11/2009, 20:43

    hau do you elfyourself

  • jodi 25/06/2010, 20:01

    hiyyaa guys luv elfyaself its mint lmao

  • sarah
    08/12/2010, 00:46

    i love it it is so funny

  • keavy
    27/02/2011, 10:13

    its really cool and funny

  • nicole madden
    13/12/2011, 10:48

    i can use 4 photos of me and my famliy for dancing in a disco.