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18/04/2008 by

Viral Friday: Kobe Bryant

Viral Friday is the weekly viral video chart of ViralBlog, showing the 10 most popular viral videos, commercials or user-generated videos, carefully selected and ranked by popularity, viral impact & spread.

This weeks Viral Friday #1 position goes to Nike with Kobe Bryant Jumps Over an Aston Martin. To promote the new Nike Hyperdunk shoe Nike made a viral video in which Kobe Bryant jumps over a speeding Aston Martin. The runner up spot is for Sony’s Foam City. After a lot of buzz on Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Twitter, Fallon London finally launched the new Sony Bravia commercial last week. completes this week’s top 3 with Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles. A radio-controlled car, beer bottles and the Super Mario tune are the ingredients of this viral video for the Chinese entertainment site.

Do you want to see this week’s list from 1 to 10? Go on then, and have a look! We’d like to hear your opinion about the virals. Have fun!

1. Nike: Kobe Bryant Jumps Over an Aston Martin

Nike has unveiled its new Hyperdunk basketball shoe, which is endorsed by Kobe and will go on sale this July. To help ramp up awareness, the company filmed a new viral video in which Kobe shows off the new kicks and, in a demonstration of their lightness, wows teammate and observer Ronny Turiaf by jumping over an Aston Martin convertible that’s driven directly at him. The video was viewed over 5 million times on YouTube and Break since it launched last week. In a reaction to the video Kobe states “It’s Hollywood Baby – What Can I Say”. When played in slow motion it becomes clear the video is a fake. Despite the ‘do not try this at home’ notice several wannabe’s could not resist to try it themselves, even with a station wagon. It didn’t take long for several spoofs to appear in which Kobe gets hit by the car. (Source: Autoblog)

2. Sony: Foam City

After a lot of buzz on Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Twitter, Fallon London finally launched the new Sony Bravia commercial last week. The ad, called Foam City, was made to promote the new Sony Alpha digital single-lens reflex camera. After the Bouncing Balls, Paint and Play-Doh campaigns Sony was forced to come up with a new stunning ad. The Foam City video was made using the world’s largest foam making machine to cover Miami in 460 million liters of foam with a force of 2 million liters a minute. Over 250 blogs posted either the YouTube or the High Res version of the ad. (Source: Marketingfacts)

3. Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles

A radio-controlled car, beer bottles and the Super Mario tune. These are the ingredients of the above viral by Chinese entertainment site, which aims to provide its users with tips for a more exciting life. The video seems to be inspired by Michel Lauzière’s “Mozart on Rollerblades” which previously inspired the makers of this Audi S3 commercial. The video got over 1.2 million views in just a few days time on YouTube and Break and made it to Digg’s homepage with 3600 votes.

4. M&M: Cru with a U BATTLES

Miley Cyrus and her friend Mandy made the above video in response to an online dance battle challenge from Step Up 2 director Jon Chu and star Adam Sevani. The video was viewed over 1.5 million times since it appeared on YouTube just 5 days ago.

5. Internal Microsoft Vista SP1

Leading blogs and news sites had nothing good to say about Microsoft’s internal video last week. Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Microsoft Watch and all slayed the video in which we see “Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band” perform their “Rocking Our Sales” song. The video seems to be real because one can clearly recognize Microsoft’s CEO Kevin Turner. Despite all the critics the video is still a huge success with about 500.000 views in one week time. Fortunately “This video was a spoof (believe it or not),” said a Microsoft representative familiar with the reason behind the production.

6. Erbert and Gerbert’s Candle Cannon

American submarine sandwiches chain Erbert and Gerbert’s, who previously scored with the Human Flipbook viral, celebrates its 20th birthday! To celebrate this 20 year anniversary the company built the Candle Cannon, allegedly the world’s largest air vortex cannon to blow the birthday candles from a distance of 50 meters.

7. Ads vs Reality

German bought hundreds of products to compare the image on the packaging with the insides. They call the initiative “Werbung gegen realität“. They took pictures of the packaging and the actual food to find out the differences between the two. Not very surprisingly they encountered some differences. For example the Nadler crab salad or the Müller Milch Reis.

8. Audi RS6 2008

Car manufacturers made stylish and artistic commercials before, like the Powered by You ad by Ford and Hyundai’s Santa Fé ad with Pilobolus. And with their new commercial for the RS6, the fasted A6 model, Audi is no longer a stranger to this kind of commercials. The ad was made by BBH UK.

9. BMW Rampenfest

Director Jeff Schultz made a 30 minute documentary about The Ramp in the imaginary German village Oberpfaffelbachen to promote the new BMW 135i. The film maker makes the documentary very real with a YouTube channel, weblog, Facebook profile, Flickr account, Oberfaffelbachen website and Facebook fanpage. Also check our extended posting on this item. (Source: Appelogen, Bright)

10. Revolución – the new Dacia Logan MCV

Hamburg (Germany) based Nordpol made the above ad to promote Renault’s Dacia Revolucion. In the video we see Fidel Castro meeting revolutionary figures when he carries his suitcase to a remote villa. Once arrived he finds Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin (playing computer games), Mahatma Gandhi (watching TV in bed), Ho Chi Minh (reading a magazine), Martin Luther King and Rosa Luxemburg playing table soccer. Out on the veranda sit Karl Marx and Che Guevara. Che says it’s time for another revolution, in response Karl says it’s really about what people need. (Source: Duncan’s TV)


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