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08/01/2013 by

Coca-Cola India Launches Happiness Brand Campaign

Coca-Cola is going on a worldwide tour to spread happiness, and they haven’t stopped in India. With South West Asia, Coke launched its brand campaign encouraging people to open happiness by doing crazy things.

Through a TV commercial the campaign, entitled Crazy for Happiness, tells the stories of several Indians doing acts of kindness in everyday situations.

We’ve got a girl drawing smileys on car windows, and a guy traveling to the other side of town to feed stray dogs. Because these are ‘real-life’ characters, viewers are encouraged to do random, ‘crazy’ acts of kindness themselves.

Anupama Ahluwalia, Vice-President of Marketing for Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, explains:

“In today’s world, we have become insular and self-focused. The ‘I’ tends to stop caring for the ‘We’. Being kind to a stranger is often considered crazy.  When you do something good for others, happiness is inevitably the end result. Therefore, be a little crazy and open happiness.”

YouTube Preview Image

The campaign was, of course, conceptualized by McCann-Erickson and is a direct follow up to the previous ‘Umeed wali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha’ campaign. It celebrated those who looked at the bright side of life in new and exciting ways.

Prasoon Joshi, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of McCann World Group India about the campaign:

“We are fast becoming a society with growing levels of selfishness and apathy, and are losing intrinsic values such as kindness and concern for others. In such times, when you see someone being kind to strangers, it brings a smile to your face. You feel positive and optimistic about the world we live in. The Coca-Cola ‘Crazy For Happiness’ campaign believes and celebrates such selfless, random acts of kindness by strangers, thereby provoking belief in a happier world.”

The video was uploaded to Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel on December 28th, and has over 3600 views at the moment. On Coca-Cola’s Facebook page content related to the campaign is being shared. On Coca-Cola India’s website different versions of the commercial’s catchy tune (written by Indian musician Amit Travedi) can be downloaded.

My Opinion
Coca-Cola has always been the spokesbrand of optimism, being kind, happy and spreading joy. Naturally, this campaign fits right in. What’s different about this campaign, is that it was launched during the winter. Normally we see Coca-Cola’s new commercials and ads during the summer, people cooling down with a Coke in the heat.

But of course, everyone could use a little warmth during the winter. Seeing these acts of crazy kindness could bring joy to everyone’s hearts. What seems strange to me is releasing this commercial after Christmas, especially because there is a Santa in it. In the spirit of kindness, this commercial would have been much more fitting during the holiday season.

What do you think?
Do you like Coca-Cola India’s TV commercial? Does it bring a smile to your face?

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About the author
Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at Share Force One. You can connect with Marion via Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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