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02/03/2010 by

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

OK Go, the band that reached viral spread and won a Grammy Award for “Best Short-Form Music Video” in 2007 with their “Here It Goes Again” music video seem to have done (or even: are doing…) it again.

This afternoon Mike showed me their latest video. At that moment the video, which they uploaded only yesterday, had about 1,000 views. We had a look, thought it was quite nice and talked about how this video might be Viral Friday material and how we would wait and see how it would spread over the week.

Turns out the video is a success already. Now, about six hours after Mike first showed me the video, it has just over 100,000 views.

Inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg machine chain reactions (remember this one?) OK Go created an alternative music video for their “This Too Shall Pass” song (from their latest album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky). A previous music video for TTSP, which was uploaded to their YouTube channel a month ago, already has over 800,000 views. Which is nice, but this new one (the ‘original’ according the YouTube description) will go way past that.

On their website OK Go show the first of a series of behind the scenes videos (the rest is on YouTube). The project rapidly spreads across the net with lots of coverage and ‘blooper snippets‘.

Since this video reaches viral spread in just hours you best follow OK Go @Twitter if you like to be among the first to know the latest. Or you can just wait till Viral Friday, I’m sure it will end up high in this week’s charts.

Want to see that classic again? OK Go.


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