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13/11/2008 by

Trailer Mash-up: Incredible Quantum Of Solace

Mash-up trailers use different movie trailers together. An example is this Brokeback Mountain and Back to the Future mash-up trailer. But we have a scoop for you. See the brand new mash-up trailer: The Incredible Quantum of Solace

This mash-up trailer was created by Justin Niemeyer. He was inspired by the Dark Knight Toy Story 2 mash-up. He added it just 5 hours ago, so really brand new here at ViralBlog.

I do like The Incredible Quantum of Solace mash-up. And think it can become a weapon of mass affection based on The Long Tail power of the internet. The Long Tail was coined by Chris Anderson years ago, but the principle has not really landed at most brands and media agencies. They still think internet is all about 6 weeks campaigns.

Tell our community: how do you rate The Incredible Quantum of Solace mash-up trailer? And do you think it will spread?

Some free learnings about about The Long Tail. And here more info about Mash-up videos. We like to spread knowledge. So please be open and embrace these new opportunties. Otherwise I’m waisting my time and should be watching TV right now 😉


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